Hey, That’s My Cape! JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM Review

I never know what to expect these days when I sit down to watch the latest animated feature from Warner Home Video. They’ve had a few titles that blew me away (Wonder Woman) and a few that disappointed (Green Lantern: First Flight), so expectations were high as I settled in for the premiere of Justice League: Doom. A great writer, great cast, and one of my favorite comic stories being adapted made me hopeful this would be a good one.

It’s incredibly bittersweet to be writing this exactly one year after creator Dwayne McDuffie’s passing. It was just a year ago I had the chance to meet the writer for the first time in person and watch the premiere of his previous feature, All-Star Superman. It was a wonderful experience I’ll never forget. We knew he already had Justice League: Doom in the works and sitting in a theater to watch his last work was tough not only as a fan, but as a journalist. I was extremely concerned Justice League: Doom wouldn’t be good and that’s what I would have to write about. Thankfully, those fears never came to fruition. Justice League: Doom is one of the best Warner Home Video films I’ve ever seen.

Read my review in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama. Justice League: Doom is in stores and online today.
And head over to TheMarySue.com where my interview with Phil Morris (Vandal Savage) is now up! Check in later this week for interviews with Andrea Romano, the dialogue/casting director of the animated film and Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman!

5 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM Review”

  1. Minor point but Tim Daly was not on the Justice League series. That was George Newburn. Still, it was good to have Daly back.

    I liked the movie, though not quite as much as you did. For one thing, I will always prefer Ra's al Ghul over Vandal Savage. I also thought the changes to some of the attacks were weak. Superman's red kryptonite transformation and Green Lantern going blind in the comics version were much more dramatic to me. But it was a good movie overall.

  2. Aditya Iyer says:

    the movie was great but actually I would go with Batman Under the Red Hood as the best WB animation yet

  3. Well I believe it's PG-13 like the last few have been. No decapitations, there's a stab through the chest and a persons throat being cut though. So, I'd say iffy.

  4. Bill says:

    How is the kid rating? My son is 4 and I'm usually pretty permissive about what he can watch but the multiple decapitations on Wonder Woman meant that I had to veto him from watching that one.

  5. I watched it with my family and we all loved it! I was able to give my wife a history of the movie as well as Dwayne McDuffie. 2 thumbs up on all accounts.