Hey, That’s My Cape!: One Con Glory

Crap. I wish I had written this. That’s what I said to myself the second I put down Sarah Kuhn’s One Con Glory. It’s not only smart, funny, sentimental and charming, it was written by a woman pretty much just like me–an enormous geek with excellent taste. Who does she think she is writing something so good?

One Con Glory is a novella-length romantic comedy from Alert Nerd Press written with the geek community in mind. Specifically the female geek community, which seems to be growing exponentially these days. The story is told from the perspective of jaded fangirl/journalist Julie who, it must be said, has some issues not of the comic variety (although she’s got quite a few of those too). From Part One, titled “Pon Farr,” I knew I was in for a treat.

Read more about One Con Glory, including why I said, “Klingon mating rituals are HOT” at this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! over at Heartless Doll.

2 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape!: One Con Glory”

  1. It is definitely perfect for female geeks but the men will enjoy it a lot too because it's just really, really good.

    And thank you for the support Doug. You never know, one day…

  2. ImjustDoug says:

    Maybe it's more for female geeks but sounds like a book I would like to read.

    Oh, you said:
    "Crap. I wish I had written this. That's what I said to myself the second I put down Sarah Kuhn's One Con Glory."

    I say:
    What's stopping you? Have some serious writing talent in all these blogs you write and have a great passion for what you love. I'd buy "The Nerdy Bird Chronicles". Should think about it.