Hey, That’s My Cape! – Should There Be a NETFLIX of Comics?

The entire time I’ve subscribed to Netflix I had the unlimited streaming account with one hard disk out at a time. It worked fine for me other than the times I’d find a movie’s sequel on the streaming service but not the original or when I’d find that one hard disk that had been sitting on my TV stand for five months. So, a few issues but nothing to really complain about for $10 a month. In my opinion, the recent price hike, while steep, is still a fairly reasonable price to pay for the entertainment you receive.

What happens when you breakdown what you’re getting when you pay for comics?

Check out this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! on Newsarama where I pose the question, what if there were a Netflix for comics?

6 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – Should There Be a NETFLIX of Comics?”

  1. Lebeau2501 says:

    I hate that digi comics cost the same as paper ones. I want to be green and get my comics reading in, but as a n avid collector, I can't see the value of buying a comic without gettinga comic. I would love a comics Netflix, just so I could read more comics.

  2. Hell *yes* there should be Netflix Comics!

    Or would that be Netmix?

    I dunno. Somethin'. Somebody make it happen!

  3. Thanks for the comment Peter. I never said I refused to read digital, just that I didn't like it and prefer hard copies. Just like I prefer to read regular books instead of something on a kindle, etc. I don't read many newspapers or magazines periods and am obviously forced to read news on the web for work purposes. But all that being said, reading straight text is not nearly as bad as trying to read and dissect the images in a digital comic in my opinion. Especially when one page, or splash page doesn't fit on the screen at one time.

  4. Peter Gatt says:

    You quoted I like to physically hold a book in my hands and I find reading a whole comic on my computer screen difficult isn't that just like saying I refuse to look at news on the net as id rather have a newspaper/magazine in my hands

  5. Art says:

    I was wondering was my first comment would be and here it is:

    Amen, sister.

    In fact, this actually reminds me of an old idea I had some years back. I have to find my old notes to give you so I can get some fresh eyes on this, but right now I have to say, I couldn't agree you with you more.

    Glad to be contributing to what I'm hoping will be the greatest think-tank around that will get this idea out in the real world.

  6. Having spent over $7 on TWO comic books, I think there need to be a complete and ABSOLUTE revamp of the comic book industry from the ground up.