Hey, That’s My Cape! – Speed Dating With Nerds at NYCC 2010

I’m a cute redhead who reads comic books. You’d think it’d be easy to find a boyfriend. Au contraire mon frère, I’ve been single for a while now. So when I found out there was going to be nerd speed dating at New York Comic Con I knew I had to attend. Even if it killed me.

I’ve never been one for using dating services, it just feels weird to me. I’ve found all my past boyfriends just fine without them but I couldn’t let this golden opportunity pass me by, especially when I could write about it afterwards. Event organizer Gi-Ganakin and the rest of his Star Wars pals hosted the event at Celebration V with great success and were ready to bring the fun to NYC. I had no idea how speed dating worked besides the fact that it was fast. In this case, three minutes fast. While waiting for the guys to enter the room I got to watch Darth Vader bobbing his head to a little AC/DC supplied by a DJ who would keep the music going throughout the event. It was surreal.

Read all about my adventures in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama.

8 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – Speed Dating With Nerds at NYCC 2010”

  1. Eric Lindberg says:

    Wow, how did I miss this post? At the risk of sounding stalkerish as well, I would ask you out too if I knew you in real life, Jill. A cute redhead who reads comics is pretty much my ideal woman.

    This sounds like an interesting event. I wonder if they'll ever do something like this at a Chicago con.

  2. Of all the things I had to miss at NYCC (started a new job right before the con and had to bail on my press badge), this may be the one I regret most.

    Now that I'm an eligible bachelor once again, I would have leapt (tall buildings?) at the chance to hang out with you. Us gingers have to stick together, right?

    Oh, by the way; "I do support gay rights," "I believe in Batman," "And honestly, I'm not sure."

    Great article. Keep it up!

  3. Ev says:

    The chair is never an issue. It's great for mowing down pesky kids at the buffet line and it's great to do donuts in the parking lot.

  4. Nick says:

    If I was single, you'd be just my type. Have faith though and don't settle for a loser.

  5. Aaron says:

    But comic cons are the time to not think about dating! Its the time to acknowledge true happiness lies in having lots of comics and memorizing obscure Legion trivia! Well actually, I have met girls at cons, not in one of these things but it's surprisingly easy to be one of the more eligible bachelors by dint of not wearing sweatpants.

  6. Cderosby says:

    I didn't think the chair would be that big an issue. Maybe I'm just naive. I know I'm not that bright, maybe I'll just chalk it up to that.

  7. Randy says:

    Yeah, I'm sure you're going to get a lot of comments like that one now, Jill.

    Heck, if I wasn't happily married, I'd probably be writing one myself. ;)

  8. jhota says:

    awww, if you weren't in New Jersey (and it wasn't creepy and stalker-ish), i'd ask you out.