Hey, That’s My Cape! – Webcomic Explores 80s Pop Princesses

When you imagine the most badass covert ops team the world has ever known, what do you see? Perhaps the cast from The Facts of Life? No? That’s exactly why they’re going to take you down.

The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies by Wahab Algarmi with art by Joel Sigua and D.Y. and Jayce G. Wah, is one of the most unusual web comics I’ve ever come across. And quite possibly, the most genius.

The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies , or SUYL, is a confusing story at first. It starts off as what appears to be a covert mission from the United States to stop Chernobyl from exploding during the Cold War. A group of what appear to be teenage schoolgirls are the ones tasked with carrying out the mission. While reading the first issue, something nudges at the back of your brain. “Something about all of this is very familiar,” you think. Then you spot it…“Did they just stick in a subtle A-Team cameo?”

Read my review of this wholly unusual, but entirely awesome comic in this week’s Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama.

One Response to “Hey, That’s My Cape! – Webcomic Explores 80s Pop Princesses”

  1. wahab says:

    Hello, nerdy bird(?),

    Thanks for the very kind review of our comic, "The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies". I know it's been too long since I've posted any info on my website, but life and stuff got in the way. We are definitely finishing this series though!!! We are a few pages away from final pencils, then comes the down hill inking! Issue 5 is twice the size of a regular issue and since my right hand man, Joel has been a little busy with another project, I've been busy getting together a special issue filled with a few short stories and some pin up art. That'll all amount to making up for lost time (at least 75 pages of new stuff, I hope) I know I should have updated my site but really,it seemed less important than other things. My main focus is making these books as good as they can be and getting some professional work out of them, like Joel has done. I'll be sure to plug his work on my site when that's released.

    Again thanks for the very kind words,
    Wahab "reviews like this only make us work harder" Algarmi