Hold On To Your Butts, Here’s A Wild Jurassic Park Connection

You remember that kid who annoyed Dr. Alan Grant in the beginning of Jurassic Park? The one he scared sh*tless by demonstrating how a velociraptor would eat him? I discovered something interesting about him the other day…

A friend sent me this Funny or Die video because it starred Phil Morris, the actor who played Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld and who voices Vandal Savage in the upcoming Warner Bros. Animated release Justice League: Doom. While watching, I couldn’t take my eyes off Jackie’s assistant. He looked SO familiar! That’s when I realized, it was the kid from Jurassic Park all grown up.

His name is Whit Hertford and he’s been acting all this time. He’s even got a whole page of videos on Funny or Die.

Anyway, just some fun trivia considering what a big Jurassic Park fan I am and how amazed I was that I recognized him in the first place.

4 Responses to “Hold On To Your Butts, Here’s A Wild Jurassic Park Connection”

  1. Kelley Marie says:

    Wow, that's awesome! I was proud of myself when watching 10,000 BC. I recognized Camilla Belle who plays Evolet is also the little girl from the beginning of Jurassic Park II, the one that gets attacked by the little Compy dinosaurs after her yachting family stops on the island for lunch.

  2. Rick Bman says:

    I saw him in a short film last year called Long Story Short. I knew he looked familiar while I was watching it but I didn't place him as the kid in Jurassic Park until after I left.

  3. So Jackie Chiles is still going strong… great, now I will spend my afternoon combing the internet for him, lol.

  4. Trivia like that is always fun…especially with us nerds that get the references.