Honesty is the best policy. As far as I can tell.

DharmaWantsYou.com has closed it’s testing doors and the results are in: I’m a good girl. Or so my progress report tells me.

Upon clicking on the seventh and final test of the Octagon Global Recruitment site I was greeted with a video message from Hans Van Eeghen. “I am sure many of you were expecting to undertake the seventh and final test in the Volunteer Recruitment Program,” he said, ” Well, I take great pleasure in revealing that you have already completed this most challenging exam.” Oh crap, I thought, I failed. That is until he said the name of the final test: The Integrity, Honor and Honesty Assessment. Ahhh, my suspicions were right.

There were only two categories to be place in for the final test, Black Swan and White Swan. I’m not sure yet what the classifications from the previous tests mean but Black Swan means you cheated at least once and White Swan means you’re a goody-goody. Throughout the game the “Black Swan” was an individual that fed recruits insider information, including how to cheat. Fans assumed this was similar to the Persephone character from the original Lost Experience. However, in his video message, Van Eeghen confesses that he is the Black Swan. “It is not in my nature to behave in this way but in this situation it was necessary,” he said.
Quoting philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau, Van Eeghan leaves us with one last bit of advice, “Patience is bitter but it’s fruit is sweet.” Evaluation of all the raw data is now being analyzed by the Volunteer Recruit Evaluation Panel (i.e. poor, starving ABC interns) and will be available December 15 (the day after my birthday!). I look forward to learning what job I’ll be given in the Dharma Initiative. Let’s just hope it’s not Work Man.