I base my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch.

Right now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Why on Earth would Jill be posting a picture of Elle Magazine with Jessica Simpson on the cover? I see nothing nerdy here whatsoever.” Don’t click away yet folks! There’s a good reason. I’m in it!

A few months ago I was approached by Maggie Bullock, a Senior Writer from Elle Magazine. She said she wanted to talk to me for an piece she was writing about comics. Really? Elle?? Comics??? I was thrilled but of course, being the cynical New Jerseyan I am, I thought I should make sure this was on the up-and-up. I googled her name and saw that she had interviewed the star of Girls Just Want to Have Fun (and yes, Sex and the City) Sarah Jessica Parker. Sold!

Bullock and I had a nice chat about all things nerdy including the NY Comic Con. She and her friend had braved the con for the first time this year dressed in their own fashion-savvy superheroine creations, Zapgirl and The Nudinator. After a momentary freak-out about how they were going out in public, they relaxed once they realized they were walking into a whole new world where dressing ridiculous is considered absolutely normal. 
“For the next three hours, people shout, ‘Zapgirl! Yeah’ and ‘You guys are awesome!’ TV microphones are poked in our faces; the parents of shy adolescents push their reluctant progeny into photos with us,” writes Bullock in the article “Supersize Me”. As you know, costuming is no joke at cons which is why I wasn’t surprised when she told me she’d been asked several times what her powers where and what galaxy she was from. 
I wasn’t sure exactly when the article would run or if I would definitely wind up in the final piece so I’ve kept it relatively quite. Now that I know I’m shouting it to the world! A big thank you to Maggie Bullock for including me. Unfortunately it’s not online but if you want to check it out I’ve got a paragraph in the two-page story (page 483) in the September issue which is in stores now. There’s no picture of me but hey, I just got myself mentioned in an international magazine! I think that’s pretty damn cool. Next step, 6-page spread shot by David LaChapelle or Gilles Bensimon. Ok, maybe I’ll settle for a mention in a DC Nation column someday. :-)

15 Responses to “I base my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch.”

  1. Thank you Eric! And yes, I have about 4 copies already. It’s odd, they’ve been kinda hard to find by me. Also they’re like 600 pages so I probably won’t buy anymore because it’s huge. :)

  2. Eric N B says:

    That is pretty blasted cool. Even though I am a guy, I will have to find a copy of this. I bet you have several copies already! Recognized internationally for being a comic book fangirl–impressive. :)

  3. Thanks so much Melissa!

  4. congrats!! That’s amazingly awesome! I’ve been noticing that a lot of main stream ‘fashion’ magazines have picked up on comics lately, and I’m glad you got to be a part of it!

  5. Haha, thanks Sebastian! I highly doubt that would ever happen. Then again, I never thought I’d be in Elle either! :)

  6. Thanks so much Walt!

    Geekboy! Holy crap! First of all, thank you to you both. But here I was thinking I liked that Freakgirl before. She’s got amazing taste. :)

  7. Sebastian says:

    Way too cool, Jill!

    As long as they don’t switch off and interview Jessica in WIZARD!

  8. GeekBoy says:

    In a VERY strange coincidence, as I sit here catching up on my blogs, Freakgirl and I are sitting here watching, of all things, Girls Just Want To Have Fun — one of her favorites — which we stumbled across on cable. I just told her what you wrote, and she loved that you listed GJWTHF ahead of Sex and the City.

    Anyway, she says congrats, and so do I!!!

  9. Congrats Jill!

    You’ve made the big time now!!


  10. Thanks Randy! That’s not a bad idea…haha.

    Thanks Kev! Just keeping it realistic, I studied journalism in school so I know how it can be.

    Thanks Superduperman, I won’t! :)

    Thanks Luke!

    Thanks Mark! Maybe someday! I can dream. Or maybe you all can start a letter writing campaign to get me there. :-P

  11. That is awesome! so when is the issue with YOU on the cover coming out?

  12. Luke says:

    That’s real cool. Congrats.

  13. superduperman says:

    Congratz! Don’t let all that fame go to your head.:)

  14. Kev(o) says:

    Why on earth would you have not made the cut. :-) Nice work!

  15. Randy says:

    It’s kinda like the excitement I’d get when I’d have a letter published back when DC and Marvel actually HAD letter columns.

    Congrats, Jill! Enjoy it for as long as you can. Maybe you can print up business cards and have it read, “As seen in Elle!”