I think I have a new theme song…

It’s called Nerdy Girls Need Love Too. (Substitute “girls” with “birds” if you so wish.)

Singer/songwriter Amy Lee Radigan has composed a delightful anthem, not just for me, but for nerdy girls everywhere! With references and cameos from Harley Quinn, Star Trek, Super Mario, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sandman, Catwoman, Black Canary, Batman, Lord of the Rings (although she mispronounces Aragorn’s name, I’ll forgive her), The Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory, this little lady’s like a geek encyclopedia.
“I hope you can love me for the nerdy girl I am,” she sings innocently at first but it’s the pseudo-dirty chorus that really gets me each time I hear to it. A girl after my own heart. Speaking of my heart, this is probably my favorite line of the whole song, “While Bruce Wayne will forever be my dreamboy…” It’s like she’s singing FOR ME! Maybe she read my love letter
You can download the song at her website here and also join her Facebook fanpage if you loved it as much as I did. Keep on singin’ it for the nerdy ladies Amy!

6 Responses to “I think I have a new theme song…”

  1. Eleni says:

    Just a random observation: A lot of the shots of her are flipped left-right. You can see that she's playing guitar "backwards", and a few of her shirts read backwards. I wonder why she did that.

  2. BDS says:

    *sigh* Why can't I find a nice geek gal like that? This was really awesome.

  3. Crestmere says:

    If she wants a guy like Sheldon, she can drop me a line.

    Everyone seems to tell me that I am like him.

  4. Eleni says:

    This is so awesome! Though yeah, it's almost like she's saying "Eragon", which is also geeky but completely different.

    I need to learn this song on my ukulele.

  5. Awesome! For some reason it made me think of the following conversation.

    Kayleigh: "Wash, tell me I'm pretty."

    Wash: "If I were not happily wed I would take you in a manly fashion."

    Kayleigh: "Because I'm pretty?"

    Wash: "Because you're pretty."

  6. the princess says:

    This is, without a doubt, the best thing ever. I was laughing so hard!