I’m partial to redheads.

Comic Book Resources has an interview up with J.T. Krul talking about his issue of next month’s weekly mini-series The Joker’s Asylum. I was very interested to begin with about the premise of this series where the Joker himself narrates the tales of five of Batman’s most notorious Rogues. Needless to say, issue three has me particularly excited as it focuses on Poison Ivy. The cover and interior art for this issue is by Guillem March who I’m not familiar with but who may have drawn one of my favorite Ivy covers ever. Honestly that’s how much hair have on my head.

The series, with a different writer and artist each week, begins July 2nd with the Joker up first followed by the Penguin, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and Two-Face each consecutive week.

4 Responses to “I’m partial to redheads.”

  1. OH. MY. GOD. Geekboy I’ve been out of the loop the past few days because of internet problems at my house. I had no idea they canceled the tarot cards!!! Grrr! It’s probably better I don’t rant, but damn, what the hell happened?

    Cool app Chris. I don’t usually add stuff like that there though.

  2. Check it out on my facebook app


    ‘Pull it’ and be reminded when all the others in the series hit the street.

  3. GeekBoy says:

    That’s an awesome cover.

    Meanwhile, I can’t believe I haven’t heard a rant from you yet about Dark Horse canceling the Buffy Tarot Deck. You were so psyched about that!

  4. Earth-2 Randy says:

    I’m looking forward to these books too, as I’m a sucker for any story that is told from the villain’s POV.