I’m With Her(mione): The Geekiest Political Ad Yet?


Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been commenting on the U.S. election quite a bit through her Twitter account. This new political ad features Hermione but someone else famous is involved.

Joss Whedon recently returned to Twitter to help campaign for Hillary Clinton with some of his best pals. That was pretty geeky I guess. Then I saw this RTed into my feed last night. Give it a watch.

Yes, that’s right. James Franco has endorsed Hillary Clinton in the coolest way possible. He also posted it on his Twitter and his Instagram to, of course, lots of complaints. I may not always like James Franco, but when I do, he’s campaigning for Hillary using Hermione as an example.


2 Responses to “I’m With Her(mione): The Geekiest Political Ad Yet?”

  1. Hillary’s more a Dolores Umbridge than a Hermione, imo. Wolf in sheep’s clothing, or in this case, Republican in Democrat’s clothing.