Instagram Bro Quote Used to Promote Batman v Superman as “One of the Best Superhero Movies of All Time”


So that happened.

I saw Batman v Superman almost as soon as I got to Australia recently. I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. I did have many feelings I shared on social media but none were chosen to market the film. Instagram user Nic Ferazzoli got the honor.

Yes, the official Batman v Superman Twitter account used an Instagram user’s review as a pull quote. I can’t say for sure if Ferazzoli is actually a “bro,” but that’s the feeling I’m getting from this profile of the private account.


Not sure if the account was always set to private or if he’s changed it since due to some likely unwanted attention. Usually pull quotes for commercials and other marketing come from, you know, critics. But considering most panned the film, I guess Warner Bros. PR needed to think outside the box.

And no, this wasn’t the only social media user they took rave reviews from. Here’s another, and another, and another, and another.

This was probably not their best strategy. Considering the time spent post-release had many pitting critics against fans, this actually doesn’t surprise me in the least.

7 Responses to “Instagram Bro Quote Used to Promote Batman v Superman as “One of the Best Superhero Movies of All Time””

  1. Anna says:

    Stay classy, WB.
    Seriously though, Batman v Superman was awful. What about Zack Shyder made him even remotely qualified to run the DC cinematic universe?

  2. David Ellis says:

    Announcer Voice: Audiences are RAVING about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice…

    “Bro. Dude. Dudebro. Brodude bro.” – Instagram User

  3. Sick + bull horns = laughed out loud.

  4. Sam Kail says:

    Personally speaking I loved the movie. It was very experimental in a genre that relies too much on formula. Unfortunately, Zack Snyder does not know how to craft a story, and putting him in the same room as David S. Goyer did not help. The visuals were great, the actors were great, but dang, they really just needed someone to reign in that story. With that said, I’m excited to see where the DC movie-verse goes, because frankly I’m getting tired of Marvel’s extremely formulaic movies.

  5. Movie was terrible. Character development and plot should be solid in any story, but that being said, Gal Gadot totally won me over as Diana, and Batfleck did a great job with the material he was given, minus all the wanton destruction and body count.

    Snyder continues to prove that he’s a terrible director, even if I can acknowledge that he can put a decent frame composition together for some good cinematography.