I Think You’ll Love Belle & Tina are Time Travelers, They’re Just Like You!


I’m thrilled to share with you a new original animated pilot from OnlyLeigh created with New Form Digital! Two pop culture enthusiasts, Belle and Tech savvy Tina, work at a desolate DVD store in California. They also time travel.

You may remember Leigh Lahav’s work from the awesome TMS merger video or her Geekie Award-winning Frozen is the New Black. Her entire YouTube channel is filled with the most FAN-tastic content. Belle & Tina are Time Travelers is no different!

Check out the pilot and make sure to keep an eye on those wonderful backgrounds…

I also spoke with Lahav a short bit about the new adventure.

Jill Pantozzi: How long have you been working on Belle & Tina are Time Travelers?

Leigh Lahav: We were under a tight deadline (in animation you kind of always are!), so about a very tight month and a half or two from initial spark to finish!

Pantozzi: Where did the inspiration for it come from?

Lahav: Belle & Tina actually initially started as a Bill & Ted spoof/tribute! (I know, shocking.) and that sort of developed a life of its own. I’ve always loved the concept of Time Travel but it seemed to mostly lack leading ladies that are in charge of the technology rather than act as a companion, love interest or refrigerator- especially when it comes to comedy (honorable mention to our lord and savior Ilana Glazer for time traveling bong). I thought it could make a nice fun change to mix it up a bit

Pantozzi: Tell me a bit about the characters.

Lahav: The gentle and adventurous Belle is all about information: pop culture-y, media and history lover. While the cynical, easily distracted Tina is a big tech wiz and kind of a scattered genius, they complete each other in temperament but also in smarts- while Tina is the one who built the time machine and knows how to use it, Belle understands the implications of owning a time machine after years of watching every time travel situation written and filmed.

Pantozzi: When will we see more?

Lahav: Hopefully soon on a cool ass platform! for future development on the show viewers can get updates from the OnlyLeigh channel and other social media platforms – YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

4 Responses to “I Think You’ll Love Belle & Tina are Time Travelers, They’re Just Like You!”

  1. PowerSerg says:

    I really enjoyed the first episode except for the vomit jokes. They weren’t funny and it’s just random gross junk.

  2. I want to watch The Exposition because it has a gun-toting cat in a trenchcoat! The Resolution should be great too since its cat has sucker-pawpads!

  3. Can’t wait to see this!

  4. Evelyn Starshine says: