‘Iron Man 2’ And ‘The Other Woman’ Scenario

You’ve got an awesome job and a man you absolutely adore. Things are going swimmingly. Then one day, BAM! — a hot Russian chick shows up and ruins everything. Your name is Pepper Potts and you’ve just fallen prey to…The Other Woman.

Read all about how I think “The Other Woman” is used in superhero films, most recently Iron Man 2, in my latest article on MTV Splash Page!

2 Responses to “‘Iron Man 2’ And ‘The Other Woman’ Scenario”

  1. PTLindy says:

    Just saw Iron Man 2 . . . it wasn't a perfect film, but it forshadowed some stuff from the comics.

    Downey and Paltrow are damn good together in these films, and Johansson working with Jackson is a good combo too (only bright spot from the Spirit movie). I hope they have both Iron Man and Black Widow in the Avengers movie, but have my doubts.

    Also, after a short bit it becomes damn clear that Scarlett is not coming between Tony and Pepper. Nice to see the movie not drag that out too long.

  2. Michael says:

    While the Black Widow may be HOTT, especially as portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, I'm hoping in the end, or at least IM3, Tony and Pepper do end up together.

    Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow have a great chemistry together that you don't often see, and Pepper acts as a counter-balance to Tony's more wacky/risky notions.

    And, Jill, great to see you posting on MTV's site! Congrats!