Is that an Atari belt buckle or are you just happy to see me?

I’m all for geek chic. Wear it proud, wear it loud and often. I’d probably be more interested in a guy at a bar if he was wearing something promoting his geekdom (as long as it’s genuine and not to be ironic) but the last thing I want while at a bar is to be poked in the back. By anything.

NESBuckle has created a line from authentic video game controllers. Here’s the night-out nightmare from above, the Atari Buckle, which, it hurts me to say, is sold out. Shucks. In their words:

The Atari controller is something that should never have been turned into a belt buckle. For this reason, we had to make it. Wear it for instant nostalgia and to be the hit at your next party or crowded subway.

“Hit” is exactly what you’ll be on the subway or if you happen to frequent the bar I’m currently visiting. If you’re really into it you can go for something with a little less overtone like the classic Nintendo Buckle, the Genesis Buckle or the Super NES Buckle. Or, for you really fashion forward fellas, why not try the NES Advantage Buckle (below)? Or if you’re risky, not to mention strong enough, the *gasp* Nintendo Entertainment System Buckle?

Naturally I would have shown the giant gaming system buckle since it would have been more shocking but they only had a “simulated” picture of it. What sold me on this shot was the shirt the guy’s wearing. It’s a vintage MDA fundraising run t-shirt! What are the odds? Also, who knew it was so “cool” to wear one. Those puppies have been piling up all over the house for years! Looks like somebody’s got a date with Ebay.

If you’re someone who’s into buckles they’ve also got a small line of superhero items as well. I’m not really a fan of belt buckles in general, especially large, obtuse ones, but I get what they’re going for. I just wish they were a little less cheeky about it. I guess that’s there thing. Actually, it almost feels a little like blasphemy to see real controllers turned into fashion. I’m hoping they were old one’s that didn’t work any more but still, I’d rather see them framed and hung as art than hung…above someone’s crotch.

2 Responses to “Is that an Atari belt buckle or are you just happy to see me?”

  1. Hahaha about the recycling! Can’t blame them for that.

  2. Eric says:

    Although video games have been a minor and very sporadic thing for me, I agree with your sentiments about this one. It seems some companies do things in a weird and purposeful manner just to garner attention. Like bad commercials. I guess someone’s doing their part to recycle. Good luck with the MDA shirts and Ebay. Cha-Ching!!