Is Warner Bros. N’Sane?

What started as an unconfirmed rumor over at Aint It Cool News has now been legitimately substantiated by the Hollywood Reporter. Justin Timberlake has auditioned for Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern film. But so have Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds.

Warner Bros. has spent months looking for their lead to the film which is supposed to be released December 2010 and now it seems it’s down to just three. “The studio ordered up two rounds of screen tests with Cooper, Reynolds and Timberlake. Other actors in the early mix included Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill and Jared Leto,” said THR. Apparently director Martin Campbell and producers Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti all have a differing opinion on who would be best but time became a factor this week. “The clock is ticking on the decision as the holding deal the studio had on the actors expired Monday, meaning the three are now free to accept other offers,” said THR.

Meanwhile, co-writer of the film, Marc Guggeheim, spoke with MTV’s Splash Page on a possible Superman/Clark Kent cameo in Green Lantern. “Honestly, it changes on a daily basis. Whatever information I gave you today would be obsolete in a week, and maybe come back again in two weeks,” said Guggenheim, “And even if it wasn’t in flux at the script stage, it would still be constantly in flux because you can film it, put it in the original cut, and eventually it could end up on the editing room floor.” The idea would be to make an entire universe out of the DC movies instead of them being separate entities.
So, what do we think? Personally, I think they’d be crazy to go with Timberlake. Sure he’s acted but can he pull of the lead in a movie with this much exposure? He might bring an entirely new crowd to a comic based film but I still don’t see it. I could, however, see Timberlake take the role of Guy Gardner, if he’s even going to be a character in the film. As far as Hal goes, I’m kind of not feeling Reynolds either but that’s mostly because he was so fantastic as Deadpool (a role he’s continuing) and I think it would be redundant to have him play another comic character. I’m not 100% behind Cooper but if those really are their top three picks I’d have to go with him.

20 Responses to “Is Warner Bros. N’Sane?”

  1. Eddie C says:

    What about Bruce Greenwood (Captain Pike) as Hal Jordan?

  2. Rey says:

    I love Reynolds, and he would make a great Kyle or Wally West…but I think we should give him the chAnce to be Hal. i think he can pull it off…though I believe that Nathon(of Serenity) would be kick ass. Sorry about the spelling, but booze and dyslexia is a hard thing to get over.

  3. You is cool. I linked you.

  4. Randy says:

    Don't mention it, Jill. I'm always happy to help you out.

  5. Wow. Well there you have it folks.

    Thanks for the link Randy!

  6. wik says:

    I hope the script is written properly with a balance of the smartass stuff when he's Hal around Pie and hitting on Carol, but perfectly normal the rest of the time. I feel sorry for Ryan Reynolds having to live with the impression that he can't do anything other than a smartass, cos I have seen a few of his non-commercial movies where he did a great job of playing it straight. But when it comes to the commercial stuff, scriptwriters can't resist giving him one liners no matter what.
    I think Cooper has the look down better, and both have the recklessness, but I suppose Cooper's never been great at appearing fearless- he's better panicking (as in the Hangover) or playing a mean guy who doesn't like being annoyed by minor things. Both have their weaknesses and their strengths, but now it's up to the scriptwriters to do the character as it should be and only use the smartass comments where they should be and not all the time like it's a character trait. From what I saw of the Pieface audition, that part of the script is humorous with a few smart ass comments, which is fine. hope it's not the same way throughout… If the scriptwriters do a good job, I'm confident Ryan Reynolds can do it as it should be done. No matter what, though, we can all be relieved it wasn't Justin Timberlake, who may have been good in Alpha Dog, but is clearly not cut out for something like this.
    A few years ago, when he was younger, I would have actually gone for Hugh Jackman with the hair dyed a little. He can do charming, he can do reckless, definitely do fearless. and when it calls for a frim, steely determination, we know he can pull that off too. plus, he can do the Hal hairstyle without any problems :P but he's now a little too old for a GL origins movie, and too well established as Wolverine to do another superhero.

  7. I think Reynolds is too smart-ass to play anyone else besides a smart-ass character. Even when he's trying not to be one, he is.

    That trailer made Fillion look great for the role but it's never gonna happen, he's too old. They'll want someone who can be in a franchise if it's successful.

  8. spleenal says:

    Reynolds reminds me so much of me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It's a shame they haven't gone with the most obvious fan choice. Nathan Fillian. If anyone has seen the fan made "Green Lantern" trailer, they'd know he was perfect, but I guess they want to keep it young and hip.

    I think Ryan Reynolds would make a better brash, wise cracking, womanizing Guy Gardner though.

    Jeffery Donovan would make a great Hal too, but there again I think the studio's aiming for a younger Hal.

  10. Amber Love says:

    The answer is Yes, they are insane. I mean, he actually can act but I just don't want 2 hrs of JT as Hal.

    My pick might be too old for the "young flyboy" persona but I'm a huge fan of Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice).

  11. Personally, I'll get worked up over this when cameras start rolling. Kinda feels like theres too many casting rumours in Hollywood these days…especially with the DC properties where Warner takes their sweet 'ol time making the movies because they can.

    Until then I'll put this into the same column as the Beyoncee-as-Wonder-Woman story.

  12. Randy says:

    I'm going to play Devil's Advocate and remind everyone that people were saying the exact same thing in 1988 when it was announced that comedian Michael Keaton was cast as Batman.

    All he had done previously was Mr. Mom and Beetlejuice. People were saying the exact same things I have seen here today. Keaton wound up doing a pretty good job in his two Batman movies. Certainly well enough that people weren't complaining about his being cast.

    Granted, I'm not saying I am particularly happy about the choice of Timberlake. But I am willing to take a 'wait and see' kind of thing. Just because he tried out doesn't mean he's going to get it.

    And Ryan Reynolds would make a better Wally West Flash than anybody.

  13. Francesco says:

    Easy, guys. Probably they auditioned Timberlake to have a term of paragon for suckyness.

  14. Arturo says:

    Yeah, I'm definitely in the Mal For Hal camp.

  15. Selfstyler says:

    Timberlake is just enough to get me to not go see it, certainly if he's Hal, and even if he's Kyle.

    Fillion all the way.

  16. After seeing the fan-made trailer for the GL movie I can't get Nathan Fillion (of Serenity fame)as Hal out of my mind. He has the right look and attitude for the character. You need to find someone who can play to the awe and wonder of what he is experiencing while keeping his sense of humor.

  17. Sebastian says:

    This is nuts.

    Poor Arturo.

  18. Arturo says:

    The sad irony is, Reynolds would probably make a decent Kyle Rayner, but you know DC isn't gonna go for that plan.

  19. Ricky C. says:

    Oh my stars and garters… no. I just cannot see Timberlake in this role. And if they give it to Reynolds, I am going to scream bloody murder. Cooper is my choice from the bunch.