Join me for Wonder Woman Day!

Last year was my first experience with Wonder Woman Day. It was so much fun that I’m going again. In costume!

Wonder Woman art up for auction by Mark Bloodworth
For those of you who don’t know, WWD is an event that began in 2006 by author Andy Mangels. Two events are held, one on the West Coast in Portland, Oregon and the other on the East right here in my home-state of New Jersey at Comic Fusion in Flemington. Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti will be guests at the Portland event and NJ will host artists Joe Sinnott and Chris Muller. All the proceeds of the NJ WWD will go to SAFE in Hunterdon, a domestic violence shelter.
Prizes, raffles and auctions are going on now and throughout the day tomorrow. Here are the artists that donated sketches for the NJ event:

Aaron Felizmenio — Adam Hughes — Andy Perez — Anthony Hochrein — Anthony Lee — Anthony Rizzo — Bennett Pisek — Billy Tan — Bob Prodor — Buz Hasson — Chad Chicconi — Charles Barnett III — Chris Giarrusso — Chris Jennison — Christopher Ivy — David Burton — David Davies — DJ Jackson — Ernest Jocson — Francisco Paronzini — Franco Aureliani — Greg Moutafis — Ibrahim Moustafa — Jack Harris — James Fiorentino — James Rodriguez — Jeff Smith — Jeremy Treece — Josh Heusinkveld — Ken Haeser — Khoi Pham — Lance Sawyer — Laura Martin — Linda Chartier — Marc Lewis — Mark J. Tannacore — Matt C. Ryan — Maureen Gubia — Michael Dolce — Mike Pascale — Neil Vokes — Nick Mockoviak — Norman Katz — Orlando Pagan — Paige Braddock — Peter Steigerwald — Richard Howell — Rob Kramer — Ryan Bodenheim — Scott Barnett — Stefano — Ted Dastick — TL Collins — Wayne Moraghan — Whilce Portacio — Yuko Salvadori

Check out all the artists work at Comic Fusion’s auction page. Bids can be made through email until 12:00AM and in person or over the phone until the end of the event at 5:00PM Sunday. I’ll be joining Wonder Woman (my friend Amber the Superhero Stylist) there tomorrow in costume! Hope you can come on by or support the cause by bidding on one of the sketches.

2 Responses to “Join me for Wonder Woman Day!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    most comic readers have boobs thats not even a thing

  2. Randy says:

    If I didn't live in Chicago and/or had a better financial situation going on over here, I would totally help out in some way, Jill.

    However, as I write this, I start a new job today. Hopefully, next year I will be able to purchase some art.

    Hope it went well. Look forward to reading your updates.