Jon Favreau Is an Actual Monster


Jon Favreau is remaking Disney’s 1994 animated film The Lion King using the same technology he used for The Jungle Book.

My reaction.

I actually just rented The Jungle Book so I know exactly why Disney is doing this but it’s just…so…mean. I might be biased as The Lion King was the last Disney animated film I experience while still a child. It left a mark. This more realistic version will leave a whole new generation…scarred, I’m sure.

The Lion King will include songs from the animated film,” writes Disney, who are officially calling it a “reimagining.” No release date has been set and the director is still attached to The Jungle Book sequel.

Thoughts? Concerns? Furious objections?

(via Empire Online)

7 Responses to “Jon Favreau Is an Actual Monster”

  1. This time they go full Hamlet and everyone dies. And then they do the side-quel, Timon and Pumba Are Dead.

  2. WheelchairNinja says:

    Don’t worry, if they’re making it the same way they did The Jungle Book Simba will get to stay in the forest with his buddies and never face the reality of growing up.

  3. I hated the cartoon for being anti-hyena, but I enjoyed Julie Taymor’s version.

  4. Jason Rye says:

    Oh a cgi remake of Pumba, hopefully they color him correctly this time.

  5. Alec says:

    Hmm it’s possible that Disney planned to make a hyper realistic Lion King before or during the production of The. A movie like The Jungle Book that has an Avatar level of CG world building could be seen as an investment for not just Jungle Book sequels but other Disney movies that could adopt and alter Jungle Book’s CG world without having to start from the ground up. I saw The Jungle Book recently and thought it was fine. In fact, all of the recent live action adaptations of Disney classics have been just fine or pretty bad (Alice in Wonderland) except for Pete’s Dragon. I thought that was surprisingly touching and fun. Someone on Twitter said Disney should remake their bad animated films like Pete’s Dragon rather than their classics like Cinderella or The Jungle Book. I totally agree with that. The Lion King is one of the first movie’s I can remember seeing in the theater as a child. Elton John’s love song and Hans Zimmer’s Oscar winning score made such an impact on me at a young age. A hyper realistic reimagining of The Lion King (with singing scenes?!) sounds like a jarring experience to me. Especially without the iconic soundtrack. I grew up watching Disney animated films like Snow White and Robin Hood in the 1990s and back then those movies were considered OLD but timeless and not in need of a modern “reimagining”. Disney pours a lot of money and uses lots of their resources to remake their classics. I wish instead that they’d make an effort to get younger audiences to discover their classics rather than recreate the mythos. Or better yet, create all-new mythos. Something that Hollywood is so afraid of doing today.

  6. VindicaSean says:

    This is going to be a total disaster, if only because I have to ask how they’re going to shoot it.

    Hyper-realistic CG like in the JUNGLE BOOK only really works in service of live-action performances and sets. Are they just gonna film sub-Saharan landscapes for six months and overlay fake-ass lions and hyena? Are they gonna go full George Lucas (ya never go full George Lucas) and just CG everything in the film so it at least visually matches, but then entirely looks fake?

    Everything about this sounds like a horrible mistake.

  7. That Which Dreams says:

    I need to see the crazy hyena in realistic CGI.