Lazy Linkage (Again)

Well, it’s one of those Fridays. And, apparently, it’s one of those Decembers. I knew I had done a “Lazy Linkage” before but I had no idea it was almost exactly a year ago I had written it up. Weird. Regardless, here’s some lazy blogging in it’s purest form.

Found this Obama inspired Transformers poster thanks to the chatroom during the Panels On Pages Pop!-Cast earlier in the week.

If you’re into beautiful imagery I suggest you check out this tremendous achievement by Zuda Comic’s Azure creator Daniel Govar. He drew 30 Characters in 30 Days.
Speaking of characters, you know that guy Superman right? Well this guy must like him a WHOLE DAMN LOT to embarrass himself like this. He put on a show…of sorts…at his wedding reception. See for yourself…if you dare.
Speaking of obsessions…someone has finally beaten World of Warcraft. I didn’t even know that was like, a thing you could do. I thought it just went on perpetually forever and ever. “To reach the milestone the Taiwanese power-player killed 390,895 creatures, accumulated 7,255,538,878 points of damage, completed 5,906 quests (that’s 14.62 quests per day, apparently), raided 405 dungeons and hugged 11 players.” Guess not. Congratulations “Little Gray,” now go outside and get some fresh air.
Speaking of nerds, you can now Tweet in Klingon. And no, I won’t be starting because just like WoW, if I start, I’ll never stop.

This t-shirt design is quite possibly the greatest idea ever. It’s called “Team Edward [James Olmos]” and, for those of you who don’t get it, it’s a spoof of Twilight. “You can have your sparkling, fangless Twilight vampires. There’s only one ‘Edward’ whose team I want to be on. EDWARD JAMES OLMOS! Whether he’s inspiring inner city kids, tracking down replicants or leading the Colonial Fleet to victory against the Cylons, EJO has always got your back. Shouldn’t you return the favor?” It’s based on this webcomic, which is good for a chuckle or two.
If you like Twilight, and cats, you’ll get several more laughs out of this fella’s Lolcats New Moon review. He’s also got a shorter version from the original.
And one last bit of poking fun at Twilight just because I can. I was recently introduced to the joy that is Rifftrax, this week I was introduced to the joy that is Twilight Rifftrax. Enjoy a Best Of via YouTube. LINE!

2 Responses to “Lazy Linkage (Again)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, that WoW guy still needs to get that one achievement, and that Superman wedding…well, that's just obviously a fan of cosplay wedding! ;D

  2. Hank says:

    That's a frakkin' awesome shirt!