Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Exiting Hamilton But They’ll Film the Entire Original Cast First

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The spectacle that is Broadway’s Hamilton will soon lose its leading man. Thankfully, Lin-Manuel Miranda has assured fans the entire original cast will film the show first. But will future generations (and everyone who can’t get tickets) be able to see the magic one day?

I think everyone knew it was coming but Hamilton fans are feeling it nevertheless. Miranda’s popularity is soaring. Not only has he contributed music to Disney’s Moana soundtrack (the first trailer was just released!), he’ll be starring in their Mary Poppins sequel, and working on the movie version of musical In the Heights for The Weinstein Company (with Jon M. Chu in talks to direct). It was only a matter of time before he had to break from the show he created.

USA Today reported:

Miranda will hang up his riding breeches and boots on July 9. That’s when the Hamilton star and creator’s contract expires, as do most of the main cast’s. The Tony winner confirmed his departure date to reporters at a breakfast event Thursday at Coogan’s in New York’s Washington Heights enclave. His understudy, Javier Muñoz, will take over the role starting July 11.

But before he packs up his Hamilton dressing room, the production will film two performances with the original cast this month before they start exiting, as well as shooting offstage cameos.

But Miranda also told the press, “I think this is a role I’m going to be going back to again and again. I plan to revisit this role a lot.” He then took to Twitter to explain a bit more about the changes:

Are you one of the lucky ones who’s seen the show?

5 Responses to “Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Exiting Hamilton But They’ll Film the Entire Original Cast First”

  1. Evelyn Starshine says:

    an original cast dvd is all I want in the world

  2. I have three different bootlegs that I’m oddly uninterested in watching after listening to the album seven or eight damn times…but I never lucked into tickets. : /

    • bandit_queen says:

      Honestly, I can’t imagine ever wanting to watch a bootleg of this show. It’s too good for a crappy recording to do it justice, and also I would feel like Lin was sitting next to me looking sad the whole time, and that would be unbearable.

      • An easy way to turn that frown upside down would be to price the tickets affordably and make it possible to actually win at the lottery without getting thrown over for a scalpbot. Then he could smile at all of the people going to the show who previously had no chance in Hell. Since I’m one of them, I’d appreciate it. If not, a pirate life’s for me.

  3. bandit_queen says:

    Haven’t seen it yet, and it won’t be original cast when I do, but I’ve got a reminder set in my phone for the day Chicago tickets go on sale (next week!) :-)

    I’m not surprised that he’s leaving, and I’m actually really glad for him and for us, because it’s going to be fantastic watching whatever he does next, as long as he takes a break and takes care of himself, too.