Links to My Latest Work at HitFix Harpy, for Your Convenience


Here’s a handy roundup of all the work I did at recently. I wrote about Star Wars, Doctor Strange, Doctor Who, and tons more!

My articles:

And a She Said, She Said video:

If you’re ever looking for something from me at HitFix you can always click on my byline there which takes you to my author page with everything I’ve done. The She Said videos are usually under Donna Dickens’ byline. She’ll be on vacation this week so after tomorrow we’ll be on a brief hiatus.

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4 Responses to “Links to My Latest Work at HitFix Harpy, for Your Convenience”

  1. Jess_Witt says:

    I don’t use emojis too often but the creation of interracial ones is pretty swell.

    Also thank the gods Florence Kasumba will be in Black Panther. I was worried she wouldn’t show up.

  2. MisterShoebox says:

    Declaration: Personally, I feel that the meatbags would be happy for a series focusing on the adventures of the handsome, efficient machine HK-47 and his meatbag underlings.

  3. Aeryl says:

    OOOOH John Wick