Look at BB-8 Being Voiced By Ben Schwartz and Bill Hader. LOOK AT IT!


We’ve been seeing a few of the extras released from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens four-disc 3D Collector’s Edition set but this one showing Ben Schwartz and Bill Hader working on BB-8 may be my favorite.

When I first wrote about the new set I was most excited for the commentary but had high hopes they’d include some of Schwartz and Hader’s work in the “Sounds of the Resistance” section. Looks like I was right! Lucasfilm released this brief clip today.

THIS IS THE GREATEST. I can’t wait to watch the whole thing. Someone mentioned in the comments it would be cool to have an audio track that included Schwartz’s actual dialogue to play along with the film instead of the beeps and boops. I’d pay good money for that. No, seriously, Disney.

Here’s a previous video of Schwartz discussing his involvement:

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(via /Film)

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One Response to “Look at BB-8 Being Voiced By Ben Schwartz and Bill Hader. LOOK AT IT!”

  1. I wish there was an alt audio track to hear BB-8’s dialog all the way through.