Marvel’s Jessica Jones Teasers Are Hitting All The Right Notes

We’ve yet to see Krysten Ritter in action as Marvel’s Jessica Jones but that’s exactly why the first two teasers from Netflix are so perfect.

Being more of a DC Comics fan, I don’t know all that much about the character Jessica Jones. Then again, Marvel and Netflix haven’t given viewers much to go on with the first two teasers for the follow-up to Daredevil. Except, she’s strong and can beat up an entire bar.

I’m sold.

Jessica Jones is also set to star David Tennant as Kilgrave, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker, and Carrie-Anne Moss as Harper and will premiere November 20th on Netflix.

One Response to “Marvel’s Jessica Jones Teasers Are Hitting All The Right Notes”

  1. Adam Blackhat says:

    I cannot wait for this! Still can’t picture Ritter in the role, though. Not a strike against her, just…literally can’t.