The Mary Sue

Everyone, meet The Mary Sue. The Mary Sue, meet everyone. I’m making introductions for a very important reason – is my new home!

Now I know what you’re saying, ‘Jill, aren’t you busy enough?!” True, I am an incredibly busy woman but my new position at The Mary Sue is FULL-TIME. Yup, I’ve got a honest-to-goodness grown-up job where I wake up early, go into an office and EVERYTHING!

“But Jill, you stay up until sunrise and sleep past noon!”
Not anymore! (Give me a moment to sob)
Yes, I am going to miss my freelancing schedule but it’s totally worth it. The Mary Sue is pretty darn cool and I’m very excited to start working for them this coming Monday.
So what does this mean for the other 1600 places I write for? Well, I can still contribute to all the sites you’re used to finding me on (including this one!) but I obviously won’t have as much time for that. You will, however, continue seeing my weekly column, Hey, That’s My Cape! at Newsarama and video interviews from New York Comic Con coming up in a couple of weeks!
This is a big move that I’m very happy about. Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way and I hope you’ll now follow me to! (and follow them on Twitter!) :)

9 Responses to “The Mary Sue”

  1. @Jill – if you have to parse a banner that finely, it should be re-written; I'm reading there anyways, its just rather unwelcoming to 50% or so of the population.

  2. someguy says:


    I have seen, "The Mary Sue" site a few times and I think it's a perfect match for you. Have fun in your new position. (and try not to be so hard on your alarm clock the first couple of mornings, it's just doing it's job.)

  3. Veronica says:

    What a good fit! Can't wait to read you there!

  4. Thank you everyone for the well-wishes!

    @David, it says guide to geek girl culture not GEEK GIRLS ONLY. It has something for everyone.

  5. Jon Hill says:

    Congratulations Jill. :)

  6. So, I went there, and up came the big banner to whack me in the face:

    "A Guide To Girl Geek Culture"

    Really? If a place advertised itself as a "Guide to Guy Geek Culture", many people would be up in arms about the sexism and "He-Man Woman-Haters Club" attitude.

    Kind of off-putting. I know the arguments; I grew up with men-only institutions being forced to admit women, while women-only institutions protesting that they needed a sanctuary from mens' cultural oppression… but really, isn't it the same kind of discrimination, only in reverse?

    Of course, I still intend on making it a regular stop, even though apparently I have the wrong set of chromosomes…

  7. Steve Kuma says:

    Having only just joined your 'Has Boobs' blog since San Diego (that show opened my eyes to a lot of people and stuff – and I didnt even attend) I shall simply say "Good Luck and Congrats!"
    Just had a look at Mary Sue, and already I'm liking it A LOT!
    What's your role in that over there?

  8. T-Dogg says:

    I love the top banner! The first one I saw was of Leela and I geeked.

    Hopefully you'll get a Samus Aran, April O'Neill, Sailormoon, and Hermoine Granger. :)

  9. Dave M. says:

    Congratulations, Jill!