Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Is Getting a Video Game!


Every Cloud Productions and Tin Man Games have announced the best news EVER. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is getting a chooseable-path, investigative visual novel video game!

In the series (on Netflix if you’re looking to watch!), Essie Davis stars as Phryne Fisher, an adaptation of the character made famous in Kerry Greenwood’s novels. It’s about a well-to-do feminist private detective in 1920s Melbourne, Australia and her fantastic adventures (and fashions).

I became hooked last year after a few friends were talking about it online (and made the Contact2016 convention crowd in Brisbane very happy when I mentioned the show) so I was elated when I saw a tweet announcing the game yesterday.

The game is called Miss Fisher and the Deadly Maze. Here’s the summary from GameBookAdventures.com:

Armed with her golden gun and with her companion, Dot Williams, in tow, the pair chase the trail of the insidious Murdoch Foyle. Foyle has escaped the gallows once again, with Phryne on his trail. Can Miss Fisher and Dot decipher his clues and stay on his trail? Or will they be tricked into pursuing a false lead, causing the trail to run cold?

You’ll be able to play as Phryne Fisher, Dot Williams, and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (though no mention of voice acting in the initial announcement).


The game promises we’ll be able to “guide the heroine on a modish dance of adventure, murderous mayhem and mystery around the world.” You’ll also “uncover clues, interrogate suspects and solve murders as you chase after Murdoch Foyle.”

No word on the release date but according to the website it looks like it will be playable on Steam, Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, and Gamebook Adventures Engine.

[UPDATE] I spoke to Neil Rennison, Creative Director at Tin Man Games, who filled me in a bit more on Miss Fisher and the Deadly Maze. “It will be coming to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets first,” he told me. “We also hope to bring it to PC and Mac too, depending on how successful it is on mobile platforms.”

He added, “It will be delivered episodically with the first episode taking place in Melbourne and then branching out to other exciting locations as the case heats up! There will be lots of *ahem* love interest along the way, as well as some fabulous costumes.”

[End update]


And you’re in need of a Miss Fisher fix before the game is released (and while we desperately wait for word on a Season 4/movie), I’ve also just discovered there’s an official coloring book for sale!


And make sure to check out the entire Every Cloud shop as there are a bunch of Miss Fisher fashion items, props, and of course a bright red lipstick.

5 Responses to “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Is Getting a Video Game!”

  1. Meaghan F. says:

    This is so awesome! It’s a fantastic show.

  2. AnnieOpoly says:

    But…but… I want more shows too!

  3. bandit_queen says:

    Since I finally started watching this (and might have marathoned almost 2 series over the weekend oops), this is exactly the news my Monday needed.

  4. lev36 says:

    Awesome! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  5. geeky_waffle says:

    !! I’m legitimately more excited for this than Pokemon Go