Move Over Watson, Sherlock’s Got a New Best Friend


A new three-part series of BBC’s Sherlock is currently being filmed and we’ve got our first doggone picture of Benedict Cumberbatch.

But will it be its last season? In 2015 I asked Moffat about how he feels about all of his Doctor Who and Sherlock actors taking of the DC and Marvel universes. He said:

Maybe I should get a preview before anybody else [laughs]. What really pisses me off about it is they disappear for bloody months to make those movies. I just bang out a Sherlock in four or five weeks, they take six to eight months or whatever it is. It’s ludicrous. And then they have to go do twelve sequels and they get really grumpy about it and I’m saying ‘Yeah, and you’re unavailable for my show and I’m gonna get shit for Sherlock being late and that has nothing to do with me.’

In an interview with the Telegraph, showrunner Steven Moffat once again expressed that this season may be the last due to Cumberbatch’s rising star.

“I don’t know how long we can keep it going. I’m personally willing but I’m hardly the main draw,” he said. “I would be moderately surprised if this was the last time we ever made this show. But it absolutely could be…We do have two film stars in the programme. They haven’t needed to do these jobs for a very long time. They’re coming back because they want to.”

There aren’t many details about the new season yet except that Toby Jones is playing the villain. Moffat mentioned they’re “getting into equally good, but far less well known, Conan Doyle stories” this time around.

But Moffat also left the door open for the series to continue, albeit many years in the future. “There would be nothing strange in stopping for a while. It could go on forever, coming back now and again,” he said.

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  1. Replacing Martin Freeman with a dog seems apropos given what he said about Lucy Liu.