Just a heads up for those of you who were interested, the “recruiting” portion of the Lost ARG now has a deadline. All tests must be completed by 12 pm (PDT) October 7, 2008.

I first told you about the new Lost Experience game back in May after the season finale. The recruitment began at the San Diego Comic Con where fans got to take the initial tests in a fun little booth. For those who weren’t able to attend SDCC *cough*me*cough* the test was available soon after online at
So far I haven’t been impressed. It’s basically one long drawn out IQ test with pretty graphics and soothing music. After the recruitment program closes we’ll each receive our own “Volunteer Assessment Dossier.” I guess that could be cool. After each test we were placed in several categories named for Greek mythological characters. No idea what that’s about yet but the number of categories grew larger with each test. Also, there’s apparently cheats for each test which can be found on several of the Lost fan sites if you so wish to go that route. I did not.
Pretty much everyone is assuming this is just the first phase to the Lost ARG because if it’s not, this was pretty lame for Lost standards. But I’m keeping an open mind. If you don’t have the patience to stick it out but are still interested in following the progress the Lostpedia page on has a decent account of what’s happened so far. They’ve even got the SDCC videos and the videos from the site itself up there too. I’d play along even if you’re just remotely interested just in case your participation in the next phase is contingent on having completed this one.
January, if you could get here just a little bit faster I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.