Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Revival Halted, Should We Blame/Thank Ridley Scott?

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Neill Blomkamp’s surprise Alien franchise resurrection has been halted. Does it have anything to do with Ridley Scott’s interference?

Blomkamp posted an update on his Twitter account yesterday about the project which was previously made “official” back in February after the District 9 director teased concept art he’d worked on featuring Ripley, Hicks, and a xernomorph.

Twitter and his instagram are where we’ve been getting most of our news about this surprise project which had original star Sigourney Weaver eager to pick up where Aliens left off and finish the story a different way.

In September he also joked on Twitter, “new film is ALIEN 5: PROMETHEUS. No. Actually has no title yet.”

It was seemingly a jab at Ridley Scott’s announcement that the next Prometheus film would in fact be titled Alien: Paradise Lost. And that seemed like a jab at Blomkamp working on Alien in the first place. Specifically because Scott wasn’t planning on really connecting Alien to Prometheus in any real way until perhaps the fourth film in the franchise.

In my mind at least, bringing the Alien name back into it sooner seems suspiciously like interference or at the very least putting his thoughts on Blomkamp’s involvement to rest. But I could be wrong. Scott is coming off a successful box office opening for his film The Martian, which could also be factoring into this.

What do you think? I enjoyed District 9, didn’t care for Elysium, but Chappie was really good despite box office numbers. I thought it would be interesting to see where he would take Ripley and Co.

(via Legion of Leia, image via Blomkamp’s Instagram)


6 Responses to “Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Revival Halted, Should We Blame/Thank Ridley Scott?”

  1. Jeyl says:

    Ripley, Hicks, Bishop and Newt MUST SURVIVE!

    And truthfully, what is Prometheus 2 going to do that the last film didn’t? Oh, these tall, bald ‘totally 100% human’ Engineers created us and they want to kill us because they’re jerks.

  2. I hated Prometheus but I really wanted a direct sequel to Alien Resurrection instead of a soft reboot retcon. So I hope it at least gets NECA to uncancel the Elizabeth Shaw toy:

  3. Adrian says:

    I actually want to see both. At this point, the Alien franchise has been through so much as to remove all the mystique and awe of the original film, that we might as well have both guys just start throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks. Is anyone going to care if Prometheus doesn’t perfectly, canonically align with the Alien franchise when it already doesn’t?

    Besides, I’m actually interested in learning more about the sinister all white, all male, master race jerks they showed in Prometheus. And I’m sure as hell interested in seeing both Ripley and Hicks again. Alien 3 was a good movie but David Fincher did Hicks dirty.

    • Adam Blackhat says:

      …you know, this is the first time I considered it and now I’m dying to know what the giant albino alien women look like.

      • Adrian says:

        Maybe there aren’t any, maybe they are mono-sex? Plus, these dudes all looked the same. I’m sure it wasn’t Ridley Scott’s intention, but it seemed to me like they were ultra-white, ultra-masculine, and visually identical by their own design. Maybe they are like that version of MRAs that actually refuses to engage in relationships with women, and they don’t have any women in their society? Maybe they killed all their women? Terrifying, no?

        • Adam Blackhat says:

          XD …being a glass half full kind of person, I was actually just thinking, I bet they’re pretty hot. But I see what you’re alluding to.