The Nerdy Bird Adores – Green Lantern Corps #34

Sure, Green Lantern Corps #34 featured Sodam Yat going ape-shit on his mom and a heavy weight match for the history books between Mongul and Arkillo but it also showed something rather…domestic.

A day in the life of two off-duty GL Corps members. If you haven’t been reading the book, Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu just recently realized they had feelings for each other. I find it particularly adorable that they’ve left their rings in the soap dish. This has been going on for all of, two, three issues and it’s like they’re married already or something.

Their new found interest in each other came at a really bad time considering the Guardians just banned “physical relationships and love between members of the Green Lantern Corps,” but since when has that stopped anyone. It’s really got me wondering how the Guardians are actually enforcing the new law though. How creepy would it be if the rings were secretly recording their tryst?
Kyle makes some coffee-to-go for Soranik since she’s got actual GL work to do, unlike Kyle who’s been pretending he’s back in Kindergarten. It’s ok man, not like there aren’t a spectrum of crazies running rampant in space right now or anything. You just paint some happy little trees. 
So they say goodbye and Kyle’s all, “I have a bad feeling about this.” Me too Kyle, me too.
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5 Responses to “The Nerdy Bird Adores – Green Lantern Corps #34”

  1. Yup, Gleason. Thanks Rob!

  2. rob! says:

    Nice artwork…that’s Pat Gleason, right? Great facial expressions and body language.

    Nice blog, btw!

  3. Simon says:

    I think you are right that is some of the best stuff in the GL books right now.

  4. I think Tomasi might just be my favorite writer at DC at the moment, this title has been one of my favorites since he took over.

  5. Randy says:

    Here’s hoping Kyle can actually keep this relationship going for a little while longer than he usually does. Don’t nobody introduce her to Major Force and things should be fine. ;)

    I’m thinking that they (or at least Kyle) will become a Blue Lantern somewhere down the line.