The Nerdy Bird Adores – Recent Comic Art

Usually when I write The Nerdy Bird Adores I focus on one comic issue in particular. I’ve been slacking off lately so I decided to throw in a bunch together. Not that I couldn’t go on and on about each one by itself, I just figured I’d condense my ramblings. Partial nudity to follow.

Believe it or not the first thing I noticed on this page of Terra #2 was not the naked, screaming woman, but Power Girl’s ridiculously cute expression and posture. I really need Amanda Conner to draw me now. Doctor Mid-Nite’s reaction is also a plus.

If you’re easily distracted by scantily clad women you might miss the gem that occurs within those three skin-bearing pages. Doctor Mid-Nite picking up Owl poop from the floor with a moist toilette. Or “Fowl Towls” as they are so aptly named in a previous panel. PG’s reaction is pretty great here too.

Speaking of fowls, this gem appears in House of Mystery #7. It’s from the story inside the story called “The War” drawn by David Petersen. He said there’d probably never be a house cat in Mouse Guard so I was thrilled to see him draw some kitties here. Some of the panels made me rather sad (I hate to see cats hurt) but this one made me giggle. I’ve seen my cat in that pose many times, fortunately without the attacking birds. Reowr!

Last but not least is another work of Petersen’s, the latest issue of Mouse Guard, Winter 1152 #4. Take a minute and see if you can figure out why this interested me so much before you read on. Mixed in with an enormous amount of mice bones (makes Jill sad) is a well-hidden Millennium Falcon (makes Jill happy)! It’s harder to find within the context of the cover as a whole so I cropped it down to hopefully make it more prominent. David Petersen, you rock.

By the way, the ballad featured prominently in this issue that Petersen’s friend recorded for him is now up. So check out some Mouse Guard music while you’re at it.

See you next time for a (hopefully) single issue version of The Nerdy Bird Adores!

9 Responses to “The Nerdy Bird Adores – Recent Comic Art”

  1. I love Amanda Connor’s art…it has always caught me eye and her attention to detail is nothing short of spectacular. I also heard that she’s going to be at NYCC this year…which I’m going to! Hell yes!

  2. ratpack_218 says:

    I’ll be at Steve’s on Friday, sometime after 12, I’ll leave the copy of Pro and my card

  3. Sure, that would be great if you don’t mind. I’ll probably get there before I see my friend anyway.

  4. ratpack_218 says:

    If you want to borrow my copy of Pro, I can leave it with Steve @ Amazing Heroes, if you want.

  5. Yeah I’ve heard really nice things about her and she’s definitely one of the top people on my list to get a sketch from at NYCC this year. (Btw, a friend just recommended The Pro to me today) I’m still waiting to see who else is going to be there but I know her sketch lists usually fill up quickly and I’m fairly new at getting sketches so I don’t want to miss out.

  6. ratpack_218 says:

    I’ve been a fan of Amanda’s since I picked up Pro, the book that she did with Jimmy and Garth Ennis. Amanda is going to be a NYC Comic Con in Feb, maybe she’ll do a sketch for you.

  7. Amanda’s facial expressions are one of the best in the biz. To top it off she is such a nice person in real life! It’s funny that she was working on that book for over a year. I know she is a real pro when it comes to deadlines.

  8. Shelly says:

    I’ve loved Amanda Connor’s art since I first saw it in Codename: Knockout. Her facial expressions are divine.

  9. GeekBoy says:

    As somebody who often gets motivated to read (or stop reading) certain titles based on the artist, I have to say those two panels have me intrigued by Amanda Connor’s style. And no, not because of the partial nudity — although that certainly doesn’t hurt. But the overall attention to detail is awesome. Reminds me of Byrne, who has always been one of my favorites. I might have to seek some of her books out.

    As for the easter egg on that cover, I have this to say: “What the hell’s an Aluminum Falcon!”