Nerdy News

No one is ever safe in comics. Turns out, no one’s safe in comic book movie adaptations either. Terrence Howard has been replaced as Jim Rhodes in the next Iron Man film by Don Cheadle.

The Hollywood Reported posted the news early this morning. It’s coming as a shock to the public who seemed to enjoy Howard’s take on the character and looked forward to him taking a turn in the War Machine suit. Apparently Marvel originally wanted Cheadle for the role but decided to take the character in another direction instead. There’s no comment from Marvel at this time but THR says sources close to the deal site monetary disagreements with Howard as part of the decision.

The casting of two comic book characters from DC are creating a buzz as well. Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin are rumored to be attached to the Green Lantern and Jonah Hex films respectively.
Countless Hollywood actors have been rumored to be playing Hal Jordan in film starting rehearsals as early as next year. Most prominently, up until now, the name I’d heard used the most was David Boreanaz but Latino Review is reporting “exclusively” that their sources say the studio wants Gosling. There’s been little to no details about the plot of such movie yet but Gosling seems a little to boyish for the role in my opinion. Boreanaz? Maybe too manly. It’s a safe bet I won’t be satisfied with whomever they choose. 
On the other hand, some shoes were just meant to fit.
Once again, just a rumor (although it’s a strong one) but Josh Brolin is said to be taking on the role of the scarred gun-slinger Jonah Hex. Hollywood Elsewhere takes the credit for this one although they still aren’t 100% sure. “Brolin’s rep is not only denying this but claiming Brolin is ‘not attached,’ but a voice is telling me to consider the word of a friend who tells me the deal was locked down last night,” they reported.
Last but definitely not least, 2009 New York Comic Con tickets are now on sale! Show Manager Lance Fensterman has announced a few changes this year for Trade Pro registration, among other things, on the NYCC official blog so make sure to read everything before you buy. It’s also a good idea to buy early. This show is getting bigger every year and you don’t want to risk it selling out. Of course I’ll be there!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas SDM. Part of my problem is I don’t know what my hair is going to be like by the time NYCC roles around and I hate the idea of wigs. Oracle is something I’ve always thought of, I dressed as her for a Superhero Halloween party last year actually but there wasn’t much actual costume besides some glasses and an ear piece, but it’s an easy option (with pants) if it comes to that. :)

    I’ve always wanted to dress as Catwoman and if my hair is back to red by then I could be the Holly Catwoman.

    Non-comic-wise I’ve always wanted to dress as Leeloo from The Fifth Element.

    Btw everyone, Howard finally got to respond to the Iron Man news:

  2. I don’t know. Jai White did a good job as the voice of Doomsday on JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED and I thought he had a good turn as a mobster in DARK KNIGHT.

    I can see him playing a good nineties War Machine.

    I seem to be one of the few that is looking forward to seeing Cheadle as Rhodey. I have never been disappointed with him as an actor.

  3. superduperman says:

    I admit that I haven’t seen a lot of White’s work, but those I’ve seen like in Spawn and Universal Soldier 2, he comes across as stiff and wooden. He really doesn’t have much of range as a actor. Physically, he can kick ass, but I take good acting chops over that any day.

    Throwing some characters off the top of my noggin… Black Canary… Batgirl… Oracle…

    or if you willingly to do it the Marvel way… Black widow… Hellcat… Scarlet Witch.. Mary Jane.. no dye job or wig needed.

    or go simply as a Potter groupie. I think you have some experience with this. lol

  4. It’s all good Glenn, I knew what you meant.

    I went as Poison Ivy the year before and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil the first year of NYCC. Unfortunately I didn’t actually get in the first year because it was overcrowded and the fire marshall shut it down.

  5. glenn says:

    whoops, I know its a tad late to correct myself, but i’m sure you all knew what I meant, as Michael Jai White as War Machine, not Iron Man.. Also I’m I’m not sure if he’s the same person as he was in Spawn, after all it’s been over 10 years(I think) But I just wanted an actor more like him, and less like Don Cheadle.. whatever though
    COMIC CON, I can’t wait till for it to come over here in Cali. It’s always awesome when it comes! =) Other than Zatanna, who have you went as Jill??

  6. Well NYCC isn’t until February but it’s never too soon to get ready right? I’m not sure what I’m gonna do for a costume this year. Hopefully something simple and easy, haha. Anyone have any suggestions?

  7. Neil Sarver says:

    I’m no fan of Michael Jai White frankly, but I’m not sure with all of the other problems involved that it makes sense to hold Spawn against any specific person and their failings.

    And, yes, Jonah Hex has no non-geek name recognition, which makes him a weird choice to adapt. But then his concept would be as easy as any to sell on its own. Not to mention, the idea, as I said, makes me quivery all over.

  8. superduperman says:

    Honestly, I always thought the Rhodes character was under written and Howard didn’t make much of a impression with what he had to work with so I’m not going to miss him. I’m not sure Don Cheadle would be a better replacement because as a old school fan, I was there when they first introduced the Rhodes character in the comic and he always came across as a big jock muscular(sorry)”OJ Simpson” type. Howard didn’t come across as athletic enough or with a chip on the shoulder attitude to don the Warmachine armor.
    Don’t think Cheadle is physically right for the part either, but that could be solved if he hits the gym more often. We certainly know he can act… better than Howard IMHO, so with expected better character development in IM2, this will evidently work out fine in the end.. i hope.

    Michael Jai White? Checkout his performance as the title character in the movie Spawn and you will come to the conclusion as I have… the guy can’t act.

    Regarding GL, it’s about time DC is finally getting their act together after the way they bungled Superman Returns and the JLA debacle. You add in Marvel’s success during the past decade and their upcoming projects that has DC eating their dust, they’ve seen the writings on the wall and it’s written in green as in money.

    Gosling is certainly not my idea for GL (the same can be said about Keaton in Batman) , but as long as he takes it seriously and delivers in the acting department, I certainly will give it a chance.

    Jonah Rex? Other than comic fans and far fewer than one would think, is there really a big box office audience for a relatively unknown comic character? Read a couple issues decades ago and it didn’t register much, so the verdict is still out on whether this is a right project DC and WB should be focusing on. I much prefer a Flash or Wonder Woman movie instead.

    NYCC already? Hopefully, they will utilize the entire center than just 1 exhibit hall this time. So Jill, what character you’re planning to cosplay as this time?

  9. Thanks to glenn for bringing it all around. I just looked up Michael Jai White on imdb and he was the voice of Green Lantern in the Justice League Heroes game. :)

    Eric, well the article said “among other reasons” so who knows. What happens behind closed doors we may never know.

    I’ve liked Gosling as the love-interest and as the psycho, I just don’t know if I can see him as the tough leading man type yet.

  10. Neil Sarver says:

    I can’t say I have a strong opinion on Ryan Gosling as Hal. He certainly wouldn’t come close to driving me away from a GL movie that looked like what I want in every other way, but he doesn’t increase my potential excitement either.

    Now, Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex! That’s just brilliant, and makes me all quivery and geeky, and will ensure I pay for my ticket even if it looks wrong on every other level.


  11. Randy says:

    I think Ryan Gosling would make a better Guy Gardner than a Hal Jordan. Unless they are planning on his Hal Jordan to have the attitude of Guy Gardner.

    But then, I’ve liked Ryan Gosling in a few things I’ve seen him in, like Murder by Numbers, the Notebook and Fracture, that film he did last year with Anthony Hopkins. he’s good. Could he pull of Hal Jordan? Sure, why not?

  12. Eric says:

    I saw this posted this morning, and I wonder if it’s true. If it is, that’s just a poor, poor call on Howard’s part. I mean, a PLUM role, guaranteed scratch, and the man claimed he was a Marvel and Iron Man fan ( he said as much during his interview on Jay Leno). The reason he reportedly won’t be in the next Come on. Cheadle is a higher profile actor, and I know the man has earned more money than Howard, yet he agreed to this role. I like Cheadle, but I just think he may a bit too slim and, dare I say..old..for this role. Frustrating. Regarding Green Lantern. IDK, Gosling as GL. Not a choice I’d make. The kid’s buff and a good actor, but Hal? I think they should just go with a lesser known perhaps, BUT, I’d still see it if Gosling is GL. I’ll give it a chance. I think many fans just want a GL movie. Brolin is great in whatever he does, Jonah Hex or not.

  13. glenn says:

    wow! I dont think Don Cheadle is a good Jim Rhodes.. personally I wanted someone like more Michael Jai White to play Iron Man. Just my opinion though…
    Whoa! comic con Already? I think We have ours in July. I guess its never too early to buy tickets for comic con.