Nerdy News: Unbreakable Sequel Announced, Narnia Continues, Riverdale Recasts & More!

M. Night Shyamalan is finally making that Unbreakable sequel…but with a twist! That and more Nerdy News you might have missed!

The news came as quite the shock, especially for me, who hasn’t seen Split…He went on to write:

The iconic Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn. The incomparable @SamuelLJackson will return as Elijah Price/Mr. Glass. The virtuoso #JamesMcAvoy returns as Kevin Wendell Crumb, Patricia, Dennis, Hedwig, Barry, Jade, Orwell, The Beast, Heinrich, Norma, Pol-And the prodigy, @AnyaTaylorJoy will return as Casey Cooke. I’m reteaming with my partners @jason_blum and @Universalpics for this crazy comic book thriller. And the film is called GLASS…Universal Pictures will release #Glass on January 18, 2019 all over the world. How’s that for not keeping a secret!

The Hollywood Reporter had news on the Narnia franchise. Captain America: The First Avenger and Jumanji director Joe Johnston will take on The Silver Chair. Will Poulter played the main character Eustace in 2010’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader but no news yet as to whether any of the original cast will return.

Director Jonathan Demme, who worked on The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, The Manchurian Candidate (remake) and so many others. The Hollywood Reporter did a nice obit.

According to Variety, David Fincher…yes, David Fincher, is set to direct World War Z 2. Which is a thing that’s happening I guess.

TVLine says The CW has to recast Reggie on Riverdale. They want to give him more to do next season and actor Ross Butler sadly has scheduling issues.

Leigh Lahav and How it Should Have Ended have teamed up for a fun video…

This is the greatest thing I saw today.

And finally, some personal Nerdy News…

3 Responses to “Nerdy News: Unbreakable Sequel Announced, Narnia Continues, Riverdale Recasts & More!”

  1. teenygozer says:

    World War Z the first was a typical bland, white-dude-hero action-flick that pretty much missed what was so special about the book. I got the distinct feeling nobody who worked on it had bothered to read the book, maybe just the blurb or a review of it. Fincher can only improve on that (I hope?)

    “Scheduling issues”? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? I remember when it was “wants to spend more time with his family.” ;)

    Not only did I not see “Split”, I’ve never even heard of it! Is it one of his bad movies? I’ve always thought Unbreakable was one of his very best movies. It was a sort of a very realistic under-the-radar comic book movie. No one see-saws in quality like M. Night Shyamalan.

    • Ha, in this case it really was scheduling. He’s a regular on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, his regular contract meant he had to prioritize over the other.

  2. Ross Butler looks like he could be a good Nightwing.