New Dark Knight Rises & Amazing Spider-Man posters!

Yup, I’d hang this The Dark Knight Rises poster on my wall.

A new Amazing Spider-Man poster was recently revealed as well. I like everything about it except that it says “the untold story.” Can you remember any time the story of Spider-Man has been told in film? Hmmm…

Which do you like better?

4 Responses to “New Dark Knight Rises & Amazing Spider-Man posters!”

  1. Personally, I like the "The Dark Knight Rises" poster, but then, I'm somewhat of a Batmaniac; so my opinion is waaay biased.

    I love the blog! It reminds me of my wife!

  2. Shawn L. says:

    Ironically, the Batman poster reminds me of the classic "Spider-Man No More" cover, only darker, and absent a trash can.

  3. JCP says:

    Really curious to see how Nolan ends the trilogy and looking forward to the new Spider-Man reboot. I think the "untold story" they are referring to is Peter Parker's parents, although I doubt they are going the SHIELD agent route.

  4. I like the idea behind the Spidey poster but it just looks awkward. The Batman is clichéd, but it works. Batman fer me.