Newsarama Need to Know

Something secret has been brewing for a while in the recesses of the Newsarama offices. Now, it finally sees the light of day. “Has Boobs, Reads Comics” readers, I give you: Newsarama Need to Know.

It’s a brand new genre news show from TechMediaNetwork where Newsarama Editor Lucas Siegel and myself break down the most important geek items of the week for those of you who may not have time to read about them. How excited am I about this? VERY EXCITED.

In our debut episode we talk about The Walking Dead writer staff woes, the Spider-Man musical debut and The Dark Knight Rises rumors being debunked. What are you waiting for? Find out what you NEED TO KNOW!

2 Responses to “Newsarama Need to Know”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Even hotter in video! Great job, Jill! You're blowing up!!

  2. You are taking over the web! Congrats ;)