No Men Beyond This Point Trailer Is Sure to Get Men’s Rights Activists Up in Arms

I need to see this immediately. Because of reasons.

I hadn’t heard about this one until an email landed in my inbox today and boy am I glad it did. Here’s some info from the press release.

A hilarious mockumentary that takes a unique look at what the world would be like if men were obsolete, the festival favorite NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT debuts on DVD and digital July 12 from Samuel Goldwyn Films and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The film was written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Mark Sawers (Camera Shy) and stars Rekha Sharma (“The 100”), Ben Cotton (Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome), Patrick Gilmore (Cabin in the Woods), Hilary Jardine (“Van Helsing”), Tara Pratt (“Standard Action”) and Bruce Harwood (“The X Files”). NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT took home awards for Best Feature Audience Award, Best Feature Actor (Patrick Gilmore), Best Script (Mark Sawers) and Best Feature Editing at the 2015 Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi Film Festival and Best Supporting Actress in a Canadian Film (Tara Pratt) from the Vancouver Film Critics Circle.

Imagine a world where, since 1953, women have been able to reproduce without men and they are no longer giving birth to male babies. Now, over 60 years later, this deadpan mockumentary follows the youngest man still alive – 37 year-old Andrew Myers. Working as a housekeeper for a family of women, Andrew finds himself at the center of a battle to prevent men from going extinct. NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT is a feature film that asks the question, what would the world be like if women were in charge?

Written and directed by Mark Sawers, NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT is produced by Galen Fletcher and Kaleena Kiff and executive produced by Mark Sawers.

And here’s the home release cover.

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Anyone seen it on the festival circuit?

6 Responses to “No Men Beyond This Point Trailer Is Sure to Get Men’s Rights Activists Up in Arms”

  1. teenygozer says:

    I feel like nobody is going to come out well in this.

  2. AnnieOpoly says:

    Even if women did have control over society and reproductive rights, I don’t think we would chose to eliminate men. This feels more like’s it’s mocking to potential power of women, rather than realistically depicting the possibility. Seems like sensationalism….

  3. Tiger Millionare says:

    Looks interesting

  4. Tony says:

    Funny that no one has mentioned the irony of the fact that a man wrote the script and directed the film. Still, should be an entertaining film…

  5. No one has yet dared to comment.