Escape to the Upside Down: NYC Hotel Creates Stranger Things Experience

One New York City hotel is offering a special experience for serious Stranger Things fans. But you’ll have to bring your own chocolate pudding.

The Gregory Hotel has a cool offer starting Friday October 27, which just happens to be the day Stranger Things Season 2 starts streaming on Netflix, called the “Ex-stream-ly Cozy Package.”* Here’s what it includes:

  • Booking rates starting at $249/night
  • Streaming service via in-room Google Chromecast to binge-watch the Season 2 premiere of The Stranger Things on Netflix
  • Curated Stranger Things snacks and beverages, including canned House Wine and Heathy Skoop’s Sleep Protein to help you sleep away the post-show scaries
  • Eleven’s Eggos to munch on mid-premiere
  • Stranger Things lite-up wall tapestry depicting Will’s message from the Upside Down along with fleece blanket and pillowcase
  • Stranger Things “Friends don’t lie” mug to take home

They say you can “Upgrade your Netflix-and-chill or celebrate Halloween in style with this spooky offering,” but it will be running through August 30, 2018 if you can’t make it this weekend. Here’s hoping there’s nothing under the bed or inside the walls…

*Guests named Barb enter at their own risk.


12 Responses to “Escape to the Upside Down: NYC Hotel Creates Stranger Things Experience”

    • OH. Okay. …I have actually not seen that. I freaking loved that Mike’s mom was reading a paperback in the tub and it basically had that dude on it, then that whole scene…terrible. Wonderful, but terrible.

      • It’s… an interesting one. I saw it long after Breakfast Club and other Brat Pack films but wasn’t really at an age where I understood it at the time.

        • That might be it. I know I’ve tried…there are definitely some stinkers in that series. I remember loving the Hell out of Some Kind of Wonderful the first time I saw it, but upon further review…I think I just loved Mary Stuart Masterson’s chauffeur outfit.

  1. Unlike the first season of Stranger Things, I was able to watch 2 Stranger 2 Things without the Interwuzzle spoiling everything for me! (I did so instead of catching up on Inhumans because I was the real monster all along!)


  2. Literally one full episode to go and then we lost power, so I want to die. Not really. Oh, god. Now I miss Bob.

  3. Ken Denmead says:

    It was just so lovely. The homage to ‘Aliens’ in ep. 6, with Paul frickin’ Reiser, was a big standout. #justiceforBarb #justiceforBob

  4. Feel free to share your Stranger Things Season 2 spoilery thoughts here btw!