Ok, The Rock, I Will Watch Your Baywatch Movie

I wasn’t paying close enough to the Baywatch reboot to know if this would be a comedy or action film. Turns out it’s both! Also it has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

I’m pretty picky with my comedy and The Rock isn’t always a guarantee I’ll see a film (sorry, San Andreas) but it’s a good indicator. While I wasn’t a watcher of the Baywatch television show, this trailer makes the film reboot look like a solid comedy with some action and intrigue thrown in. The Rock described it on Twitter pretty perfectly as: “We’re the avengers of the beach but super dysfunctional.”

Baywatch also stars Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario (True Detective), Ilfenesh Hadera, Kelly Rohrbach, and Jon Bass. Oh yes, and also Zac Efron, who I don’t really “get” but looks like he’s perfect for this role. This one will hit theaters May 19, 2017.

2 Responses to “Ok, The Rock, I Will Watch Your Baywatch Movie”

  1. That Which Dreams says:

    So, will we get to see the Rock run in slow motion?