Picasso Superheroes

Last week some woman fell into a Picasso at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She’s an adult art student. It WAS a $100 million dollar Picasso called “The Actor.” Now it’s a Picasso with a 6-inch hole. While it’s being repaired I suggest they hang one of these in it’s stead.
Dubbed “Art So Awesome It Will Melt Your Face Off,” these Picasso/comic book mash-ups were painted by Mike Esparza. Featured here are his takes on The Flash, Punisher, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man but click on over to the site and you’ll find many more like Thor, Hellboy, Hal Jordon and Doctor Manhattan, just to name a few.
Esparza lists his influences as Andy Warhol, Alex Ross and of course, Pablo Picasso. He also has a section of geek/genre icon portraits and others done up pop-art style. He’s just one of a few talented artists under the Wonder Bros collective which also features a small section of Superman art. And in case you were wondering, the Picasso Superheroes are available in prints. Hopefully their superpowers will grant them some sort of special protection should an art student with their shoelace open walk by…

3 Responses to “Picasso Superheroes”

  1. dogimo says:

    I am laughing my head off at that article, which refers to the painting as "a rare Picasso painting". As opposed to a few of the more common Picasso paintings.

    That Punisher is top-notch! Pablo himself wouldn't have minded having that opus in his portfolio.

    But that would have completely changed everyone's idea of the Punisher, though. His whole backstory would be different: "Inspired to take up vigilantism, employing the cryptic and sinister emblem seen in a rare Picasso painting…"

  2. TS Hendrik says:

    That's pretty killer stuff.