Piecing Together Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ Costume

It can be argued that a comic book character is 50 percent superpowers and skills and 50 percent costume. If you don’t have a great outfit, you’re just a guy running around in long underwear. Attire can make or break a superhero, and as Ryan Reynolds could soon find out, attire can make or break a superhero movie, too.

The image is fan art but the concept is real. Reynolds’ costume in Green Lantern will be computer generated. Read all about it in my latest article on MTV Splash Page!

2 Responses to “Piecing Together Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ Costume”

  1. openid says:

    I'd rather they put that CGI money into light constructs and realistic looking aliens than a fancy spandex outfit.

    Green Lantern is one of those characters I've wanted to see on the big screen my entire life, but I've aways feared they would make it all about the special effects, and not so much the story… *cough*MortalKombat2*cough*

  2. I truly hope that this is nothing more than making the GL symbol "pop out" like it does in the current run of the series. It's bad enough that Ryan Reynolds is playing Hal but, if they try to use CG for the entire costume throughout the entire movie…