The Real World: Metropolis

This is the true story, of seven superheroes, picked to live in a house…

Ok, so it’s an oldie (picked for the Wizard Direct to Video contest in 2001) but it’s a goodie. Also check out Superhero Birthday Party and Deadbeat Superheroes, all from Youtube user mzebwells, for a good laugh.
It got me thinking how awesome it would be if there actually were superheroes on the Real World. Believe me, that would be the next logical step if they were real. Christ, did you see the Real World: Hollywood? It also had me wondering who would make the best cast members. I think Booster Gold or Guy Gardner would be the really obnoxious guy who’s always trying to get laid. Starfire would be perfect, she’d walk around naked all the time. Freddy Freeman, the virgin. Scandal, the lesbian. Wonder Girl would probably be the resident blonde with Catwoman as her frenemy throughout the season. And of course, Roy Harper, the guy with the troubled past.
Of course that’s just using DC characters, we could do a whole other list with Marvel or mix and match. Who would you cast?
You can also view and discuss this article over at GEN.

5 Responses to “The Real World: Metropolis”

  1. True Scott, we need a drama player. Those two are too violent though, they’d be kicked out for murder on the first day! :)

    @EP, you know, I’m surprised Winick hasn’t done something like that yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen one day.

    @Luke, I actually had no idea about that. Thanks for letting me know. I found this article about it on io9:

  2. Luke says:

    That Wizard short basically got Zeb Wells hired at Marvel, too, don’t forget.

  3. Isn’t that essentially what the 80s version of the Justice League was? Guy Gardner was the Superhero version of Puck. The friendship of Pedro and Judd was the Booster/Beetle (only with a lot more BWA-HA-HAs). Maybe Judd Winick could or should write something like that. Although, they usually throw in the obligatory gay guy now (guess they are having their first transsexual this year). I can’t think of a good gay superhero; maybe the Midnighter.

  4. Scott B. says:

    Jill, you’re forgetting the most important element on Real World, they have the craziest most dysfunctional person who applies on the cast as well.
    So you have to have The Joker or Two-Face in the cast to add “drama”.