Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher, and Thanks for All the Fish

Carrie Fisher drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

Or so she told us in advance via her memoir Wishful Drinking. The true story is she left us far too soon and gave us far more than we deserved of her.

Hearing of Fisher’s passing yesterday was a kick in the gut when I was already lying in agony on the ground. I know a lot of you feel the same way. In a year full of bad news, this felt like the last straw. It seems unfair the world would take such a bright star from the sky but that’s this little thing we call life.

Fisher was full of life. That was readily apparent. When I found out she died, I cried like I knew her. I cried like she was part of my family. I cried because we lost something irreplaceable. I knew this loss would be felt far and wide. Her life was an amazing and difficult journey, just like all of us. Except her journey was visible to everyone. She didn’t hold back the bad, she enthusiastically shared the good, and exposed everything in between.

The stars aligning so Fisher could become Princess Leia in Star Wars was one of the luckiest things to happen to us. She had both positive and negative experiences from taking the role, and she’s spoken about them at length, but we do know its effects rippled through so many others. I can only truly speak for myself but I know my feelings are shared. I saw an outpouring of emotion online yesterday that was unparalleled. For a human being most of us never even met. Her power knew no bounds.

Fisher’s Leia, who grew to become General, made a profound impact on me I wouldn’t truly realize until I was an adult. As a person, and as that character, she gave me so much. I grew all the more determined, strong, and fierce for having her as such a visible part of my life. There was no one like Leia and there was certainly no one like Carrie Fisher. Learning what kind of person she was as I got older, and the kind of talent she wielded, just solidified her influence on me.

Battles are hard. Living is hard. Carrie Fisher taught me many things in life but in death she reminds me to keep living, no matter how big the battle.


3 Responses to “Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher, and Thanks for All the Fish”

  1. Komainu says:

    Thanks much for this. The last few days have left me bewildered and bereft; I too cried inconsolably after hearing the news. You encapsulate her impact so well.

  2. WheelchairNinja says:

    Rest In Peace, Carrie and Debbie. Both taken too soon. ;(

  3. Imjustdoug . says:

    True words and honest words about a amazing woman. I am both sad and joyful for the life she lived as she was one you wanted to secure from the hardships even if they do much us stronger. I cried as Jill did with her over Robin William so I understand the emotion and the loss of someone you don’t know but is a big part of your life. Only comfort I take is that now she is at rest, no more press, no more being under the lens of Hollywood. Let the Princess be at peace as she deserves. Thank you for the excellent write up Jill.