Return from the Ashes

The second season of the Life on Mars sequel, Ashes to Ashes aired last night on the BBC. Albeit with a slightly different look.

“We haven’t gone down the silly ’80s fashion route again because I don’t think Alex would wear those clothes,” Keeley Hawes, who plays DI Alex Drake, told We Love Telly! magazine according to Digital Spy. “When we first met her, she was given the things she wore, but now she’s had a chance to go shopping,” she said. 

Booo, I say. I loved the “silly 80’s fashion.” And what is up with the new hair? She looks straight out of Cagney & Lacey now, which is probably what they were going for, but the bad perm was so much better. She’s not the only one with a new do though. If you watch the trailer for the new season you can see Chris has gone blonde! Now that, I like.
Hawes also told the magazine this season will be a lot darker than the last. “There are more stories on police corruption and less of the spoofy clown stuff this time.” Ok, now they’re just sucking ALL of the fun out of it. 

7 Responses to “Return from the Ashes”

  1. Luke says:

    and I only spelled her name wrong because I was so excited to write that comment…

  2. Luke says:

    You know, I’ve never seen this show, but I looooooooooooooove Keely Hawes. Been in love with her since Spooks (which is one of the best TV shows ever), and as a credit to my own laziness never bothered to see what else she was doing. Now I know, and now I’m going to check it out.

    also… she’s a damn good Lara Croft in the games, so let’s make that happen for the next movie…

  3. Selfstyler says:

    I think there’s far more left to explore with Gene Hunt – such as…why him? Why do both Sam and Alex meet him? Certainly, Alex had read Sam’s file, so that has something to do with it, but I think Gene’s significance is greater than that. Surely after Ashes ends we’ll get a series set in the 90s, which should explain how everything ties together. At least, that’s what I hope. You can never have too much Gene Hunt.

  4. @Andy, yeah a Gene Hunt show would be amazing.

    @Chuck, I’ve heard about it but I don’t know if I could like him as anyone but Gene. :)

  5. Chuck says:

    Have you caught the show Demons? Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt) does a great job in it.

  6. Andy says:

    “I don’t think Alex would wear those clothes.” – Huh? What? Isn’t the whole point of the show to highlight the differences between then and now?
    Alex is a poor substitute for Sam Tyler anyway. What they need to do is just give Gene Hunt his own show. Now THAT would be “Must-See TV!”