Rogue One’s Jyn Shares Her Name With Another Star Wars Character


While I was away, Lucasfilm debuted the first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In it, we learned Felicity Jones’ character name – Jyn – and it sounded familiar to me.

Here’s the trailer. It’s got lots of fans hyped (and some grumpy).

Yes, Jones is playing Jyn Erso, and as soon as I heard the name it tingled something in my memory banks. Jyn is the same first name used for a character in the strategy game Star Wars: Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games. I found out about the game through comic creator Noelle Stevenson on Twitter a while back.

Not that the game is considered canon, and this character’s last name is Odan, but it’s a very interesting coincidence when you look at the character design and description.

StarWarsJynOdan2 StarWarsJynOdan3

The trailer tells us Jyn is guilty of “Forgery of Imperial documents, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault, resisting arrest.”


The game description itself reads:

Victory! By destroying the Death Star, the Rebellion has given hope to a galaxy living in fear. The Empire races to recover from their crushing defeat and the loss of their ultimate weapon as the Rebel Alliance works to solidify their advantage. When an Imperial distress beacon begins to broadcast from an remote outpost on Yavin 4, a small team of elite Rebel operatives is dispatched. Their mission: to silence the signal at all costs…

You may recall Rogue One is set in canon between Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope with a group of Rebel spies stealing the Death Star plans.

Interested in checking out Imperial Assault? [Editor’s Note: affiliate links] Amazon has it for $60.80. Also available are expansions Return to Hoth and Bespin Gambit.

[UPDATE] It was brought to my attention had a lead on the name Jyn somehow back in February and made the connection not just to Jyn Odan here but also two other Jyn’s in Star Wars lore, Jyn Obah and Jyn N’oram. /Film separately had a post up earlier in April delving into who those other characters are. Long story short, we’re all huge nerds. :)

5 Responses to “Rogue One’s Jyn Shares Her Name With Another Star Wars Character”

  1. […] So glad they said it. Not that many of us haven’t been saying the same. Even director J.J. Abrams agrees that it makes no sense for there to be zero LGBTQ+ characters in the galaxy. While fandom may be pushing for Stormpilot to happen, I personally hope the rewrites to Episode VIII mean we’ll get confirmation of something at least. And it’s anyone’s guess what we’ll see in Rogue One. […]

  2. Spidey Super Comments says:

    “And thats when we discovered that ‘Jyn’ was a pretty common name throughout the Republic. The ‘Jane’ of the galaxy.”

  3. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it said “Jan Ors” and I flipped out with excitement! Jan Ors was intrumental in helping get the Death Star plans originally way back in the first “Dark Forces” game, alongside Kyle Katarn. It seems Disney will be slightly teasing those of us fans of the old EU “Legends/Non-Canon” stuff, lol.

    Either way, the trailer blew me away. This Star Wars-obsessed fan (with a few caveats known as ‘the prequels’) can’t wait to see it!