Sarah Wayne Callies talks The Walking Dead

Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori Grimes on The Walking Dead, did an interview with AMC recently where she talked about why she’s liking Season 2 of the hit show better than the first as well as her inability to watch Zombieland.

So what’s so great about Season 2? Location, location, location says Callies. “We’re filming the bulk of this season on the farm, which is just so beautiful. You’re telling this really gruesome, heart-wrenching story in this magnificent pastoral setting,” she said. “I get to work a little early and I just throw on my iPod and walk through these amazing fields, watching the sun rise over the trees.”

The actress told AMC she had never even seen a horror movie before she landed the role of Lori on The Walking Dead but said that she tried after. “I figured I’d start with Zombieland because I think: Woody Harrelson. It’s a comedy. But I only got about 17 minutes in it before I freaked out. I had to turn it off and turn on all the lights in the house and have my husband speak soothingly to me. I just can’t handle that stuff!”

Even though Callies can’t handle zombies, she’s still anxious to get her hands dirty killing one, which she didn’t in Season 1. “There will be blood on my hands by the end of the season, that’s for sure, she said. “They wrote me a couple of really awesome scenes this year that were so much fun to film.”

How are you liking this season of The Walking Dead compared to last? (FYI: I haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, so don’t spoil it!)

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  1. Mummbles says:

    So far so good. It is moving a tad slow but the actors seem to be stepping it up. Look forward to seeing how the end up at the end of the season.