Some very upsetting news has reached my ears today. The Courthouse Square set used in Back to the Future was destroyed in a fire early this morning.

The fire started around 5 a.m. in Universal City, California. The Universal Studios Hollywood theme park was closed for most of the day as a result. Damaged or destroyed in the fire were their King Kong attraction, a New York street set, an alley from The Sting and Courthouse Square.

A video vault was also severely burned in the fire although another vault containing master versions of classic movies was able to be salvaged in time. Tens of thousands of videos were lost but copies are in existence. Universal Studios’ president Ron Meyer said, “Nothing irreplaceable was lost.” The cause of the fire has yet to be determined at this time.

The Courthouse Square set was not only used for the Back to the Future films. Scenes were shot there for famous movies like, To Kill a Mockingbird, Bye, Bye Birdie, Gremlins, Weird Science, and Batman & Robin as well as televisions shows like The Twilight Zone, Knight Rider and most recently, Ghost Whisperer.

The Back to the Future series are some of my favorite movies of all time. When I found out years ago that the Clocktower set was a permanent part of Universal I knew I’d have to go one day to visit it. They have a tour that goes through that and a few other sets. Looks like I waited too long. I suggest watching Back to the Future tonight in memoriam.

3 Responses to “SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER!”

  1. Nerdy Bird says:

    It really is a shame.

    That’s a great t-shirt! I always told my brother he should get a flux capacitor tattoo. :)

  2. It is a conspiracy, like the burning of the great libraries of Alexandria, Hollywood is trying to stop progress and keep people in the dark on the past. George Lucas started this trend, and now Hollywood as a whole has begun to get involved.

  3. Stephen says:

    man that sucks so hard i love that clock tower.

    i bet you biff and his gang were behind it.

    u should get this.