SDCC Sketches!

After forgetting my sketchbook when I went to Wizard World Philly and making a point to tell others not to forget theirs for the San Diego Comic Con, I am happy to report my sketchbook is full of new, fantastic illustrations. Of me!

Colorist on Blackest Night, Batman & Robin and numerous other books, Alex Sinclair was the first artist I sought out in San Diego. He told me he used to make money doing caricatures at a zoo and sure enough, I got my very own! How awesome is my hair? That’s exactly how it looks.
Sure, Dennis Calero works for Marvel, but I won’t hold that against him. :) He was a really nice guy and broke down my portrait into the bare essentials. What more do you need to know really?

I waited patiently for Aaron Lopresti to open up during the last hour of the show on Thursday. I love his work on Wonder Woman and knew he would do a beautiful sketch of me. Little did I know it would be this beautiful! Or maybe I should have considering I sat for him for a little over a half-hour. He started out drawing with me not smiling so it became a bit of a challenge (not to mention a joke) to keep me from smiling. It got even harder when a blog reader started chatting with me and wanted a picture. I honestly felt like the Mona Lisa during this one.
Mr. Lopresti said he wished he’d had more time when all was said and done but honestly I was blown away by his depiction of me. The funny part is, once I got it home my oldest brother told me it looked like our mother from the 1960s. We found a picture. What do you think?
I met a new friend at SDCC. His name is David LeVack. He’s the writer of Aeroine and the Editor at Quarterstone Comics. He thought he could do a better job drawing me so I let him give it a shot. Why am I holding a joystick? I have no idea but it amuses me.
I love Freddy Williams work on Robin and it was announced during the show he’d be stepping up to work on the new JSA All-Stars series with Matthew Sturges. He didn’t think he was good at caricatures so instead I had him draw me Power Girl. Looks like she’s ready to kick some ass.
At David’s suggestion I got a sketch from another Marvel artist, Brandon Peterson. He had a wicked cool sketchbook. I think I’d like to get him to draw a full-body version of me someday.
I started with a Green Lantern associate and I ended with one. I think Patrick Gleason’s work on Green Lantern Corps has been consistent and amazing. His Soranik Natu is adorable so I was curious how he’d interpret me to his style. I think it’s pretty damn cute.
And thus end the great sketches of SDCC 2009!

7 Responses to “SDCC Sketches!”

  1. says:

    I need to be able to tell if the depiction of the boobs is accurate. So, if you please…

  2. Denny says:

    Lopresti's drawing is really nice. A very cool one to own. Lucky girl!

  3. Thanks everyone!

  4. Those are amazing! congrats!

  5. Yeah there is some similarity there to the old photos, especially in the eyes. Quite a range of styles the artists have.

  6. Anonymous says:

    DAMN!!! That one Aaron did DOES look like your mom!! O.O

    You certainly have her face, in the pic! :)

  7. Just gorgeous! I didn't get any sketches of me.. but I bought some from the 'old timers' that I just loved!