Send Teresa to Gally!

Coming up next month is the 22nd annual Gallifrey One convention, the North American Doctor Who con for those of you not familiar. Well it just so happens that my friend Teresa Jusino has been asked to appear on one of the panels there. There’s just one hiccup. Due to some lame circumstances beyond her control, Teresa doesn’t have money for the flight to California anymore. She’s hoping some of her fellow geeks can help her out. Here’s how…

Teresa is raising funds Kickstarter-style. What that means is, if she doesn’t raise the $350 she needs for the flight by February 5, everyone who donated will get their money back. And she isn’t just asking for random donations, you’ll get a copy of her chapbook for your contribution.

$5.00 for the book ONLY

$6.00 for a SIGNED copy

$7.00 for a PERSONALIZED copy (ie: “Dear Fred, You’re awesome. Keep on keepin’ on! Love, Teresa”)

Not too much to ask for, right? You may remember Teresa did a piece on me and my fundraising efforts for MDA on one of the sites she writes for, China Shop Magazine. I’m going to help Teresa out and I hope you’ll consider doing so too (and help to spread the word).
Being on this panel would mean a lot to Teresa…none other than Jane Espenson would be sitting up there with her. Both those gals (and several others) contributed to a book called Whedonistas, a lovely celebration of Joss Whedon and his works, and that’s what the panel will be discussing. You can read more about this all at Teresa’s blog. Thanks in advance!
UPDATE: Only one week into the effort to send Teresa to Gallifrey One, I am happy to report she is OVER HER GOAL! She (and I) are extremely thankful to everyone who donated to get her there. She’s decided to keep it going until the end date she had set, February 5th, because she may have extra travel expenses while in L.A. So what she’s decided to do is, well I’ll use her words: “I’m going to snag two copies of Whedonistas to give away at random to two people who have donated between January 17 and February 5th. (So, yes. If you’ve already donated, you’d still be eligible!) They may even be signed by my fellow panelists, including Jane Espenson. We’ll see what I can do.”

3 Responses to “Send Teresa to Gally!”

  1. Ahh bless – I was actually in two episode of doctor who you know.

  2. the princess says:

    Why didn't I know about this event when I was living in Los Angeles?! DAMN. I hope your friend makes it there, that sounds awesome!

  3. Teresa says:

    Thank you so much, Jill! This is such great piece, and I really appreciate you letting your readers know about my efforts.

    As for my article on you, how could I NOT write it? You're doing such wonderful things all the time, I'd be remiss in my duties as a geek journalist if I DIDN'T talk about it! :) Thanks again!