Skynet is sexier than ever!

Come to think of it, sexy isn’t really something Skynet is usually associated with at all. Shiny would probably be a more appropriate description. Though I must confess to a few improper thoughts about Robert Patrick back in the day. But I digress, Skynet is sexy NOW and it’s all because of their new face of cosmetics, I mean, CEO, Shirley Manson.

I’ll admit to some bias here. I love Shirley Manson and everything she does. Well, except for when she cut off all her hair and dyed it blonde, but hey, people yell at me for that on occasion too. Her addition to the cast of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was a cool choice. Making her a Terminator was even cooler.

This is precisely why I avoid spoilers at all costs. Although I had my suspicions during the episode it was nerdtastic watching Shirley (Catherine Weaver) transform at the end. Fox is calling her model the T-1001, one step above Robert Patrick’s character from Terminator 2. Even though the Connor’s have taken out a few regular Terminators already in the show, and rather easily I might add, we know that the 1000 series are harder to kill. From what we’ve seen of her character so far it’s becoming apparent she’s not here for the Connor’s at all but only to insure the development of Skynet. Does that mean if she passed one of them on the street she’d keep on walking? We’ll see.

Another great reason for having Shirley in the cast is they get to take advantage of her musical talent. Bear McCreary, of Battlestar Galactica fame, also composes for TSCC and was thrilled when he heard about the casting. He was worried about using another song after the well-postioned montage to Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around” last season but he eventually, um, came around.
A traditional song called “Samson and Delilah” was chosen to kick of the season. It’s been recorded by a wide variety of artists over the years including the Grateful Dead. McCreary and Manson’s version will be included on the first soundtrack to the series and he explains his composing process in depth on his blog if you want to know more. Here is how it was used in the show.
Awesome, right? Unfortunately the only not-so-awesome thing also occurs within the first five minutes. My Venture Bros. pal James Urbaniak (Sarkissian) gets killed off. I was so disappointed! I thought he was going to play a big role in the second season and I was really looking forward to him playing a serious villain. He shared some positive news on his livejournal from TSCC story editor Zack Stentz: 

Just because we killed you…doesn’t mean we didn’t love you. Many were the discussions in the writers’ room about the fate of “Dr. Venture,” as we referred to the character. And since what happened in the attic is in many ways the central trauma of season two, we’re going to be seeing more of Mr. Urbaniak in a future episode.

It may not be a permanent gig but it’s something. And as a little aside, Urbaniak also announced he started recording for Venture Bros. Season 4 already so that’s good news too.
Anyway I’m really looking forward to this season of TSCC. I always thought there was so much untapped potential in the plain old liquid Terminators. Though there has to be something different about Shirley’s model, hence the 1001. Could it be some sort of emotion or what passes for emotion for a Terminator? We saw Cameron profess “love” in the season premiere and Shirley told a dead man, “the feeling’s mutual.” Who cares about emotions? She’s sexy.

2 Responses to “Skynet is sexier than ever!”

  1. Haha, yes Eric, I can sense your excitement from here. Sorry if I ruined the plot point for you. Have you never watched the show at all or just this season?

  2. eric n b says:

    That tidbit of info concerning Shirley Manson was something I hadn’t realized, especially since I failed to catch the show yet!! AARRGGGHHH!!! I am missing out! That sounds really exciting. Shirley just exudes sexiness, sensuality, with a touch of “you want me but can’t have me” flair. Now she’s a T-1000? S-uh-weet. Thanks for the heads up on this one. (Did I mention I also like her? Can ya tell? )