So says The Nerdy Bird.

Ok, now I’ve *really* made it.

Archaia Comics is releasing a deluxe hardcover collection of their mini-series Days Missing next month. The five-issue series was a collaborative effort between Archaia, Roddenberry Productions and a slew of talented creators. It followed a mysterious entity known only as The Steward who has the ability to “fold” time, removing horrific days from Earth’s history and influencing them for the better. You may remember I reviewed a few of the issues for the Girls Entertainment Network recently. Upon closer inspection of the dust jacket you may find something familiar…

How cool is that? So, buy the hardcover Days Missing and get yourselves a little Nerdy Bird in the process! Ok you get a lot more than that. You get a really original sci-fi story brought to you by these guys too: Phil Hester, Frazer Irving, Dale Keown, David Hine, Chris Burnham, Ian Edginton, Lee Moder, Matz and Hugo Petrus. Plus, you get these never-before-seen special features:
  • A foreword written by the legendary Warren Ellis, award-winning creator of graphic novels such as Fell, Ministry of Space, Planetary and Transmetropolitan.
  • A gallery featuring all 16 covers of the five issues.
  • A collectible poster on the reverse side of the dust jacket, joining together all of Frazer Irving’s complete chase covers to Days Missing.
  • Interviews with all of the writers and Roddenberry Productions’ Trevor Roth , creator of Days Missing.
  • Revelation of the secret code contained in the Days Missing logo.
  • A stat sheet of The Steward, plus a tour of his library.
  • The evolution of a comic page, from script to pencils, inks and colors.
Archaia puts out really high-quality hardcovers (I own several) and I know this one will be no different. This series has something for everyone. The Steward takes on everything from real world problems like plagues, fictional characters like Frankenstein to a science experiment gone very, very wrong. The best thing is, he’s just getting started. Days Missing is available for pre-order now and hits stores late February.

6 Responses to “So says The Nerdy Bird.”

  1. Well, they're gonna send me one Randy and yes, my mother is very, very proud.

  2. Randy says:

    Jill the ONLY reason I would buy this is because of your recommendation. Since it is printed right on the book, that makes it all legit.

    You should see about getting some comp copies from the publisher. :)

    I'll bet your mom is pretty proud!

  3. @Randy and @monkey I will certainly sign it but I don't know why you'd want to depreciate the value like that. :P

  4. Congratufreakinlations! That is awesome. If it's Nerdy Bird approved I may have to check it out. Now how do we get a signed copy?

  5. Randy says:

    Hey, Jill, if I do buy the HC, will you autograph it for me? :)

  6. Rafiq Raja says:

    GEN seems to be going places. Go Go Girlies :)