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Happy 4th of July to those celebrating in the Unites States. To you and everyone else – what’s on your mind today?

Beautiful day here in New York but I’m working. It’s ok, I’m taking the next week off for a nice family trip to L.A. :)

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  1. Updated my webcomic! We let the newest page speak for itself and cut the dialog. It’s just too dang pretty: http://starfallwebcomic.com/

  2. I’m now a contributing writer at a site called Kulture Shocked. Here’s a piece I wrote about Glorious Godfrey:

  3. HI, EVERYONE! Glad to see you all having fun here while I was on vacation with the family. Catching up on some stuff now then you should see a few new posts! Also some MORE news on my end probably tomorrow so keep a close watch!

    • Alan Izar says:

      I really don’t like the facemask for kid Flash. The color scheme, on the other hand, looks AWESOME.

  4. Rana the Relentless Force says:

    I might be active over here, kind of felt uncomfortable on TMS due to reasons…

  5. Okay, Jill has yet to article-ize about Pokemon but The Mother Ship wrote several…and the two most prominently feature cover the most negative aspects of it. And I am…just…I hate. I hate. I hate that THEY are the face of feminist geekery. The very first comment on one of the articles basically said, “Thanks for the tip! I’ll avoid the game.” Like, why? WHY DESTROY EVERYTHING? We JUST got this. I feel like Mr. Incredible. Not the, you know, triumphant one. The shitty one. Sorry. Had to vent.

    • Howard_Bannister says:

      I am not a Pokemon-er, but my Tumblr feed has just utterly exploded with joy over this. Apparently the world was just plain ready. And, giant nerd that I am, seeing people happy about their own nerdy little thing, even when it’s not really my speed, makes me happy.

      • This is EXACTLY my jam, so I am biased in favor, but today during lunch I followed the game to a distant gym site…which happened to be a four way stop with two dead ends, one one-way, and all four roads said “No Parking On the Side of the Road”. And so I struggled with what the Hell I was going to do, trying to remember where I had seen parking…and by the time I had made up my mind, the people in front of me still hadn’t…and then they and I both U-turned in the same dead end area…and parked in the same area a block over. And we all went back and stood around silently battling with the gym, smiling stupidly, them giggling, me alone (and therefore not giggling, because giggling alone is basically insane in public). It was great. And there have been a dozen moments like that this week…

        Seeing other people geek out…it’s the best. I’m so happy.

  6. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    It occurs to me that in an odd sort of way, Harley Quinn has actually claimed alot of the elements which made Wonder Woman so successful in the Golden age.
    She is an independent woman.

    She does whatever she wants.
    She has an education (psychiatry)
    She engages in all sorts of sports and activities, showing that she can do anything she wants to.
    Her adventures are filled with wonder and whimsy.

    And the end results are eerily similar to boot.

    She has three ongoing books, and is on a superhero team (suicide squad) to boot.

    Harley Quinn is a woman who gets to laugh and enjoy herself, with the freedom to do anything she wants and is able to run afoul of the wildest and strangest of adventures. She has a crazy fun supporting cast and has a good time doing her thing.

    One one hand it is nice to see a book realize what made Wonder Woman work and is taking advantage of it. On the other its depressing to realize that Wonder Woman will probably never regain what made her so amazing.

  7. WheelchairNinja says:

    Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice… http://i35.servimg.com/u/f35/19/26/10/09/image_10.jpg

  8. SpottedSeaJelly says:

    Bought a Finding Dory shirt today. I saw it at the store and couldn’t resist.

  9. So I’ve started my summer binge rewatch of the CW superhero shows (plus Supergirl, minus Arrow) and man, I do not know what to make of Flash’s seasonal arc. SPOILERS for Season Two of Flash: It feels like they weren’t quite sure if they were going to make Jay Garrick Zoom or not, so they covered their bases by foreshadowing both versions, and in the end it just feels confused. Early Supergirl is still pretty good, though. It takes them a while to confirm that Jeremiah Danvers is thought dead, but they actually drop some subtle hints about it early.

  10. VindicaSean says:

    Relevant to our collective nerdy interests, a song about the foster couple from T2 and how they might’ve been happier before being saddled with the bratty savior of humanity:

  11. Chris says:

    Happy belated birthday ‘murica. I spent yesterday looking through an email list and flagging people who I have a personal connection to. When I started making board games, this is not where I thought I’d be.

  12. That Which Dreams says:

    Spoilers for Game of Thrones

  13. marysueme says:

    Stay at home with family day. Very laid back. Video games, fanfic reading, video watching, tickle fest, fartsarefunny fest, and mucking about on the interwebs.

  14. WheelchairNinja says:

    On the road for a week-long trip south to visit my sister in Nashville. Probably won’t be online much, but I’m hoping to get a pretty sweet pic that I’ll have to upload once I’m back home and can… “enhance” it in Photoshop. ;)